Another unacceptable company, SHOP ACER

  Jimmy14 17:29 28 Dec 2006

I placed an order for a pda in the start of November. It came to the end of November and still no sign of the pda so I phoned their customer service. An unexperienced advisor told me that they had problems with the supplier and they would definitely get them in on the 12th of December at the latest. I said that was fine so I just waited. On the 12th of December i still had no pda so decided to phone up again. Wait for this. A customer service advisor told me that their supplier had put the date forward to the middle of January 2007. Their excuse for not telling me was that they were going to phone all the people who ordered that pda on the 13th of December and tell them about the latest problem. I knew that was just an excuse. It could have ruined my christmas present. I cancelled my order straight away and purchased a different pda from who delivered it the next day (well done). I was on shop acers newly designed website today and noticed the same pda I ordered a couple of weeks ago and noticed that it didn't say pre-order any more as if it was in stock so I phoned their sales team. Oh dear, he told me that it was a problem with their new website and that it wasn't in stock. I said to him "Do you not think it should say that it's not in stock" and he said "We will have to get that changed". You should note however I tried to use their new chat to a sales agent online service which said "an advisor will be with you shortly for 30 minutes" and I asked the sales agent on the phone about this as well and he said "It's down at the moment". How is anyone supposed to know it's not working if it doesn't say it and has you waiting there for ages. Shop acer has disgraceful customer care, shabby once in a while updated website and bad attitudes. Never again.

  Kate B 19:30 28 Dec 2006

Well, you had a bit of a long wait but the supply isn't Acer's fault, it's the fault of the manufacturer of the PDA which has failed to keep up with demand - annoying but not uncommon at Christmas.

I would have thought Acer calling you and telling you they weren't going to get the PDA until the middle of January is perfectly acceptable - you just jumped the gun because your revised delivery date was December 12. I doubt it was "just an excuse" - businesses hate losing customers and the aim would have been to encourage you to keep your order open by keeping you up to speed on the status of your order: something to be commended, I think. And they were going to let you know a full 12 days before Christmas - you probably could have ordered from somewhere else pretty much in time for Christmas if it was a gift.

You also can't expect the sales team to be making minute-by-minute changes to the website - if he said he'd get it changed, I'm sure it will have been changed. It's not in Acer's interest to annoy customers.

I think you've had an annoying and frustrating experience but I also think Acer has behaved as well as can be expected.

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