Another UK 'Rip-OFF' or just Lousy Service?

  250diesel 12:19 19 Feb 2012

Two months ago I purchased a Canon Pixma MG6250 printer. Great printer but I was rather annoyed to find out that Easy Photoprint Pro, a supplied plug-in specially for use with Adobe Photo products, including Photoshop Elements, would not work with Photoshop Elements 10. I checked on the Canon UK download site for an update - there wasn't one. Whilst there I also checked the versions of the other software provided with the printer and was happy to find they were all up-to-date. I contacted Canon technical phone 'help' re an update for Easy Photoprint Pro to be told that one didn't exist and that they didn't know when or even if one would be issued. They suggested reinstalling Photoshop Elements 9. Out of curiosity I visited the US Canon download site and there I found not only the required update for Easy Photoprint Pro but also that four of the other software programs, which the UK site had shown as being up-to-date, also had updates. Why can't Canon and probably others, keep their UK sites as current as their US ones?

  hssutton 16:49 19 Feb 2012

Not sure why you call it UK 'Rip OFF'lousy service.

If Canon choose not to offer a plug-in for another companies software there's no way you can call it a UK Rip Off. If you really want a plug-in for Photoshop Then Canon in Oz will supply it as a download. Plug-in for Photoshop

Personally I think that Photoshop provides equally as good printing as Canon, so why bother with a plug-in?

  250diesel 17:41 19 Feb 2012

The point was that Canon do offer and include with their printer software their Easy Photoprint Pro as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop Elements.

The 'UK rip-off' is that their UK site does not give the download to update it for use with the latest version of Adobe Photoshop Elements (version 10) where-as their USA site does. It appears from your post that Canon in Oz also does.

So if they can offer it on their other download sites why not on the UK one? That to me is lousy service to the UK! Are we supposed to go searching all their sites because they don't keep their UK one up-to-date?

The point of bothering with a printer plug-in from Canon is that as an Adobe Photoshop Elements plug-in (which it was specifically written for) it gives direct access to all the Canon printer set-up and paper choice options, which Elements print doesn't. As they make a sales point of it being included for this reason, they should fully support it world wide, not just in certain locations.

  250diesel 09:36 21 Feb 2012

Just looked at the Canon OZ download site, link supplied by hssutton and it makes things even worse: "Canon Driver Downloads is for the support of Canon Products SOLD IN AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND ONLY" - so in effect this says "we've got it but although your site doesn't you can't have it". If I chose to ignore this I might be breaking the law: Export: Some of the software is subject to export controls under the U.S. Export Administration Regulations (EAR), and anyone receiving the software cannot export the software without a license or other authorisation of the U.S.

Contacted Canon UK by email Friday 17th to query why their site is so out of date compared to other and as yet no answer.

  spuds 10:16 21 Feb 2012

Canon UK have had a few problems over recent years. About 2 miles from where I live, there was a very good sales centre for Canon Products. A further 15 miles away there was a very good distribution centre. If I wanted a product, and the sales centre didn't have it, I could get it from the distribution centre, so saving time and effort. Both places have since closed, and now I have to go further for help and advice!.

I have also noticed that Canon Pixma range seem to have some very good discounts. I have just purchased a Pixma MX410, which as WiFi, Fax, Scanner, Print etc at total cost of £39.99 delivered. Previously I have purchased other Pixma printer's for less than £20.00 (in bulk).

  hssutton 19:57 21 Feb 2012

I've just been looking for an udated twain driver at Canon Uk, guess what I noticed. A plug-in for PhotoshopEasy-PhotoPrint Pro Ver. 2.7.1

I didn't bother looking there as you said there was no plug-in available. It's not listed under your specific printer, but is listed under other MG series printers

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