Another tale of woe - Talk Talk fiasco

  TopCat® 23:39 06 May 2008

On the 27th of March this year I began a migration away from Pipex to TT. I received a welcome letter from TT the very next day. I followed procedure as requested then absolute silence from TT ensued. No contact, no emails as promised outlining any problems. I've made numerous phonecalls to their customer support between the 28th March and now and I'm still in the dark as to why my migration is not complete. Speaking to them again this evening and getting no satisfactory response, I've sent them the following email:

"Hello Stephen,

Can you please help me resolve the extreme delay I am experiencing with my migration from Pipex Internet to TT. If it is beyond your remit to do so, then please pass this email on to someone in authority who can, with my thanks. Nothing has gone to plan from day one and here I am in May not knowing even if my phoneline has been taken over and whether my call service is active. Yet, I was told by your customer services on the 29th April that my line had been transferred successfully, leaving only the broadband connection to become active!

Checking TT's online order tracking webpage tonight I saw there was a request to ring customer services, as it states there was a problem. This I did, but there was no explanation of what the problem was, but the support chap in the end said my order would have to be renewed from the start!! He also believes that my line is still held by BT and my formerly 'free anytime' calls were now being charged for by BT. I'm sorry, Stephen, but I think this state of affairs is unforgivable and, with regard to my introductory letter's promises, I have not had one email from TT explaining what was happening with my order. No Welcome Pack has arrived, though it states clearly in the letter, and I quote, that I would receive one "within 14 days" or "if for any reason there is a problem getting you moved onto Talk Talk, we'll be in touch again to explain the reason why."

I am so angry at this delay and the lack of progress, Stephen, that I am considering cancelling the whole thing and sending all the sorry details in a complaint to the Oftel Ombudsman. I fervently hope my order can now be expedited fully very quickly now and I thank you for your urgent help in this matter."

I now await a response to this request for help and, more importantly, why there is this exasperating hold up. TC.

  Horik 23:54 06 May 2008

OfTel doesn't exist anymore, it's OfCom you need.

And they're not an ombudsman - the ombudsman for the telecommunications industry is Otelo.

Told you I was a pedant ;-P

  TopCat® 00:09 07 May 2008

Thanks for the heads up, Horik, but I think they will get the right message, dont' you? TC.

  Horik 08:34 07 May 2008

Absolutely :-)

Good luck TC, hope you can get through to them.

For the record, it's worth finding out Talk Talk's complaints procedure and following that (usually consisting of a written format containing the words "I hereby wish to make a formal complaint" or words to that effect). Hopefully they'll have details on their website.

OfCom and Otelo both usually require people to have exhausted a company's complaints procedure before they will take on a case.

  TopCat® 20:50 07 May 2008

No answer yet from my email but I live in hope!

I rang the Carphone Warehouse head office in Portal Way, west London today and asked to speak to the group executive responsible for the Talk Talk arm of the business. I told the receptionist that I needed to lodge a complaint, explain matters to this person and wanted urgent help from a high quarter in order to resolve matters. I was told no one was available and was promptly put through to - have you guessed it? - TT's customer services again

Having told my story yet again to another support person, put on hold again three times during my call, the lady came back on to tell me there were TWO separate orders placed against my telephone line and number; one of them was being processed and the other showed that my line had been transferred to TT already but was still being handled and charged by BT! In the end, I was promised that the lady's manager would sort things out and would ring me sometime over the next two days.

I now await this call from Gail, the manageress, and hopefully a positive response to my email as well. I also feel like asking for some recompense for the mental anguish I've sustained over these weeks, together with my ever mounting costs getting things completed. What say you, guys? :o) TC.

  Horik 20:59 07 May 2008

Always worth a shot TC - some form of recompense for poor service is always good for customer relations.

Given the fact that you've already told them that you wish to complain, if there's no response by Monday I would feel justified in approaching OfCom or Otelo.

  Forum Editor 22:50 07 May 2008

I doubt that this is a case for an ombudsman - he or she might respond positively, but I wouldn't bank on it.

My best advice would be to hope that your last telephone conversation will bear fruit.

  TopCat® 13:19 09 May 2008

I had a short reply today to the above email I sent to Stephen.

"Thanks for contacting me, I am so sorry for the trouble you have had going live with us. I am waiting for our provisioning team to let me know when you will go live. After closer investigation I can see that your broadband order had been sent for provisioning however for some unknown reason the order has not been received by our provisioning systems.

Once I get an update, I will email you to let you know what's happening.


I also spoke again with customer services yesterday and was told they had cancelled the second order and, after checking, they determined that my phone line had actually been taken over on the 2nd of May. What they couldn't explain to me at the time was the reason my phone calls were still being charged for by BT! Anyway, they also stated that it may take up to the 21st of May before everything is resolved and the migration is complete! Under their T&Cs I am currently paying a higher, standard price for my broadband with Pipex because my anytime phone call package with them has been cancelled.

One good thing about this sorry situation is that the support lady mentioned a compensation claim for my troubles and additional expense, without any prompting from me. She promised to keep her eye on my order and report back to me with news as it happens. I can hardly wait! :o)

By the way, congratulations again to PCA for coming number two in the Hitwise Awards for January to March 2008. TC.

  sunny staines 16:44 10 May 2008

they just put their shop business up for sale, will the isp service follow?

  TopCat® 18:47 10 May 2008

As far as is known at the moment the telecoms and broadband side of the business will not be sold off. But just as with politics, a week in the business world is quite a long time too! Here's some details about the move. TC. click here

  TopCat® 23:46 08 Jun 2008

Having been pushed from pillar to post on the above migration and still getting nowhere I sent a strong letter of complaint to the Carphone Warehouse CEO, Charles Dunstone. Within three days I was phoned by a member of the CEO's office staff and given a direct number to this person. He was charged with following my case through to completion and would monitor my progress and keep me informed.

I received a call from my contact at Talk Talk several days later, on the 23rd of May, to tell me there was a tag on my line and I would need to call Pipex to have it removed. Pipex, on the same day, told me it would be removed and they would notify me accordingly. More days passed with silence from both ISPs. Then I had another call on the 2nd of June from TT to say my line had now been taken over from BT and the phone call package was active from the 14th of May. However, this tag was still on my line and they couldn't proceed with the broadband. They also said my second MAC code had expired on the 30th March and I would need to get another! (Are you keeping up with this?)

I immediately rang Pipex again and asked for a third MAC and was told that USUALLY a Mac code was not needed by TT. I desperately held my cool and pleaded with the girl to put in an urgent request for me, which she promised she did. I now await this code which "could take up to five days." She also added that "with luck and the urgency" it could be with me on Monday, tomorrow!

When I asked why in this 21st century two internet companies cannot 'talk' to each other and explain these hold-ups for the benefit of consumers, she said, and I appreciate this, that the Data Protection Act wouldn't allow it. She then went on to say that there was a 'backdoor' method where emails could be sent to each other!! I ask you, why do these people make things so difficult over a simple migration to another provider? Is it the ruddy system at fault or the mentality of the staff at the sharp end? I doubt anyone knows or cares these days!

I shall be phoning my contact at the CEO's office tomorrow and he had better have some progress to report over this final hurdle. TC.

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