Another PC from Aldi

  birdface 19:38 26 May 2009

click here 32bit or 64 bit.I take it you have a choice of both.
Not got much of a clue on new computers but I could afford this at a push.
I would then have to buy a new monitor which would put me right over the limit.I know I can use my old monitor which is not a slim is just that every time PCA updates there web page I have to start scrolling to the right or left as the case may be to get things in.
50-50 chance of getting this.Can anybody find any faults with it.
Just had a brilliant idea on my other thread the wife is looking for a new television at the same price range.Just wondering if I bought the computer instead of the TV and told her the TV's were sold out whether she would be annoyed with me or not.

They also have a laptop which does not seem to be selling very well,but you have to search for that if you are interested.

  birdface 20:04 26 May 2009

oops.Another one of those senior moments.I had £300 tucked away and thought another £200 and I could afford that.But I forgot to add the other £99.I used to be good at mental arithmetic when I was younger.Now I am just Mental I think.
Instead of clicking resolved I will leave it in case anyone else is looking for a change of computers.

Back to the Bread and best Scotch Steak I think.

  961 08:58 27 May 2009

I don't think this is cheap. You don't say what the computer will be used for but for a general jobbie not used for extreme gaming I would suggest you consider click here You should get a fully specified desktop plus monitor and essential software for under £350

Hope the steak was good

  birdface 09:43 27 May 2009

Hi.I was Just looking for something that was quicker than the one I have.Ive had this one for about 6 years and like me its getting a bit slow.It may be a bit dearer than Dells computers but the 3 years warranty appeals to me.
[I don't think this is cheap]If they put in a monitor with it I could have been tempted.

Thanks for the information 961 I have already put this to the bottom of my shopping list for now.

  961 09:50 27 May 2009

Don't be enticed by three year warranty which will apply to hardware only

In these days computer manufacturers simply cannot afford warranty claims. The margins are wafer thin and the cost of recalling one computer for repair will eat up the margin on the next hundred sold. For this reason hardware is built to work and keep working. If it works when the computer arrives at your home (i.e. it hasn't been dropped in the delivery process) then it will probably work for the next ten years

What does go wrong is the software. Downloading and adding programmes, little gizmos, fiddling with the software, importing a virus or malware. This is what goes wrong these days

And unfortunately, the warranty does not cover these difficulties

Don't think you can't get a fast computer from Dell. Just specify a faster chip/video card

  birdface 10:30 27 May 2009

Had a look in my local Currys shop and you just feel uncomfortable shopping there.They seem to have more salesmen than customers and you don't get any peace to have a good look around without one of them asking can I help you.The exit sign always looks good at times like that.
We have an Aldi shop just up the road a bit and thought that that would be handy no salesman to pressure you.You either buy it or you don't.I did find it a bit iffy with the price as they are still trying to sell there last promotion of Laptops.They were priced at £595 give or take a couple of £s.Normally you have to be quick as they usually go the same day.I understand that prices are going up because of the drop in the £.So maybe the price is getting a bit high for the customers.

  Quiet Life 12:21 28 May 2009

Price including Blue ray player is pretty good as is spec. If you do not need Blue ray you could probably do better elsewhere.
Laptop prices continue to fall and here in Portugal the computer shop staff outnuber customers by about 4 to 1. I have 2 Aldi laptops and have never had any problems. I think they are in fact made by MSI but the threeyear Aldi warranty is worthwhile.
It is about three months later than UK that the Medion range comes to Aldi in Portugal.
I hate Vista and will wait till they start shipping with W7 which I find to be much superior although I still pefer XP.

  mikef. 18:19 28 May 2009

Computer active have reviewed this computer and it got a very good review and they rated it 5 stars click here

  Armchair 18:38 28 May 2009

It looks quite good, but can it be easily upgraded? What sort of motherboard does it have? How much RAM can it take, and does it have any vacant RAM slots? What sort of PSU does it come with?

It might look good now, and a lot of people never bother upgrading for the lifetime of their PC, but I'd want to know the extent it can be upgraded before buying.

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