another mesh shambles

  project 90 21:24 18 Mar 2007

i have just recently read the part in ur mag about good pc's for vista
i was shocked to discover mesh pc's with 8 outta 10

i have been waiting since the 28th feb 2007 on my new mesh coming to my door still no sign shold of been here on friday the 16th but when i phoned on the friday night they had my pc in the qc part of the build so i shuld get it by wedneysday the 21st hopefully

also i dont know how much you look in to there after sales but i think they have 2 ppl working for them in that department absolutley rubbish i have my old mesh pc to go back too get fixed i only reported problem on the 26th feb and have been on hold for as long as 90 minutes and just got the rma sticker through the door on saturday the 17th march
they say they goin to put my pc as urgent but lets see wot happens.

i'll keep u informed

lots of love

p90 :)

  Zero G 16:30 19 Mar 2007
  BAC1-11 04:14 22 Mar 2007

P90, if you are going to keep us informed, could I respectfully ask that you learn how to use capital letters, spell and punctuate. Your posts will then be a lot easier to read.

  HondaMan 12:24 22 Mar 2007

and a little less "text speak" would also be welcomed I am sure.

  project 90 15:23 24 Mar 2007

lol ok sorry i try keep it english, as for punctuation erm i try keep on top of it :).

Any way i got my new pc and it is fine booted up and off it went.
My old 1 was taken away on wednesday 21st and hopefully hear something from some 1 soon about it too see what happening with it.

  grw 21:09 24 Mar 2007

1-11, you beat me to making your point.

  BAC1-11 00:05 25 Mar 2007


Tell me you are not a product of Tony Blair's education, education, education.

  project 90 12:13 25 Mar 2007

not really no i just like shortening my words down as i am lazy :)

any way i'll let you all know wot happens when mesh contact me about my broken pc

bye for now :)

  Jon C 13:08 28 Mar 2007

Just cancelled my order from Mesh. Can't believe they got top spot in the latest issue £750-£1K PCs. I got a phone call yesterday (the day before delivery was due) saying there was a delay - no reason given, very rude bloke, gave me a number to call - no-one there!!!

Finally got through this morning, again a very surly girl, no firm date for delivery, useless, i asked for more details, then she put the phone down!! Unbelievable.

So i cancelled my order. (I hope - they have already debited my credit card)

I have never had such bad service, take them out of your top 5 charts!

  oldbeefer2 14:15 28 Mar 2007

I hear what you all say, but forum rules state that poor punctuation, spelling, there instead of their, and all the rest of the present education system's appalling standards are not important here (or hear!). Rant over!

  project 90 18:21 28 Mar 2007

jon i agree aswell with the service but im pleased with my new pc. The delay was due to processors so they told me
as for the people on the phone they have always been really nice and helpful when you eventually get through to them that is.

still no word on my old system getting fixed though!

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