Another Mesh mess

  fmlad2002 22:37 18 Dec 2006

Here's another saga for Mesh..and guess what i dont even have the PC yet...

After reading the A list article in PCPro last month around mesh's Qx G80 i decided to go for it.. (click here)

I placed the order on 16th November - sales rep was Prittan. (SO 46633)
Delivery was estimated of Thursday 23rd November , for deliver on fri 24th.
I added a few bits n bobs to the order to give me a top end gaming system (Dual 8800gtx 1TB disk etc). After negotiation, i got the system for £3000.
On the 23rd i had a call saying order was delayed as Mesh had no quad core processors, their next shipment was due in the following Tuesday 28th.

Next Tuesday (28th) came - i called them - still awaiting processors - they should be in by the end of the week.

Thursday (30th) i called them again - Processors still hadnt arrived. - I told the rep to cancel my order i was going to review my options. I received a call (left on voicemail from the sales rep to call him again)

Friday (1st) came by now i had calmed down a bit. I rang mesh and they said they valued my order and offered me an extra 25 quid off + a 30 quid voucher. I Said Ok, but to amend my order and take off the monitor as i had now ordered a 24" from Dell. The rep did the change, but CANCELLED my first order and did me a new one. Now giving me SO 49029l. What i wasnt aware of , was i had now lost my priority in the shipment queue.!
Tuesday 5th Mesh have the processors. System should be dispatched thursday for delivery Friday 8th.
Thursday 7th came - guess what - delay on order, system keeps crashing problem with bios. awaiting new firmware revisions.
The rep this time wouldnt commit to a delivery date, and said he "hoped" to get the system out to me by Firday 15th.. He Agreed as additional compensation to give me a welkin wireless router £45 quid...

Thursday 14th - i rang them, guess what - still delays, system crashes, but "not as bad now" with newer drivers.

Today Monday 18th - New motherboard ordered, expected to get system out by Wednesday, for delivery Thursday. Said his manager would dispatch the router today, and will confirm by email... Guess what- no email, no dispatch.(His manager had to do it as it was a freebe)

I'm now in a position, if they dont deliver the system by Thrusday, i will have to cancell, as i'm gonna be out of the country over christmas.. (unless they want to ship to NY)..

All in all - i had poor communicatoin, albeit i got some compensaion , but hey lets not forget here, they took over 2,500 off me over a month ago now.. And look what i have to show for it....

  ynohtna 00:22 19 Dec 2006

Wellll, after reading all the poor reviews about Mesh are you really suprised... I know for a fact that i'll be steering well clear of em..!!

  MESH Support 09:22 19 Dec 2006

Hi fmlad2002,

We are currently working very closely with Asus regarding the problem with their Quad Core motherboard, and will shortly resolve the problem and so be able to ship your system.

Unfortunately during testing of the unit with high specification hardware the motherboard failed to perform to the required standards and so your system was held back.

I am sure you would agree for such a high specification and at that cost, you would only be happy if the system was in full working condition and running at a performance level that matches the hardware.

If you need any further information please feel free to email me directly via [email protected]


  The Brigadier 09:54 19 Dec 2006

You really have 2 choices, either cancel the order or stick with it. The choice is yours!

  fmlad2002 10:20 19 Dec 2006

Thans Davey for your update, i was aware mesh were working with asus around the motherboard. I heard yesterday you have now changed suppliers.

Given many other supplies now have shipped quad core systems, i would have thought mesh would have had a few motherboards in stock ( I was told you had a few high spec systems on order), and thus could have tried several options.

However, have been told today new motherboard was added, and both the router and system is being dispatched today for deliver tomorrow... fingers x'ed

  Kate B 10:23 19 Dec 2006

I think this isn't Mesh's fault - you're ordering bleeding-edge technology (and I'm only slightly jealous) which is in short supply and Mesh, like any other computer manufacturer, is going to order that high-end expensive stuff on a just-in-time basis: it's hardly going to keep thousands of pounds worth of kit hanging around on shelves.

Furthermore, because it's bleeding-edge, it's bound to have teething problems - you can't blame Mesh for that. I think it sounds as though they've done as well as they can: they've kept you informed and thrown in all sorts of worthwhile extras. What else do you expect? It's unfortunate that you're going to be away but that's not Mesh's fault.

And Davey is right - you'd hardly be thrilled if it turned up and didn't work. Full marks to Mesh on this occasion: it's doing its best. In your shoes I'd stop whinging and let Mesh get on with doing its job, which is building your eyewateringly fab computer and making sure it works before sending it out to you. I'm sure it's massively frustrating but it will be worth the wait.

  Al94 11:13 19 Dec 2006

cutting ege, bleeding edge - whatever next!

  fmlad2002 12:24 19 Dec 2006

Firstly - the Nvidia n680i motherboard is hardly bleeding edge, also its not thousands of pounds, so lets be clear here - the fault was with the motherboard,which is not expensive.

Secondly - mesh had already indicated they had several systems on order.

I find it difficult to believe that every single motherboard has failed, given that other suppliers have been dispatching systmes over the previous weeks. I work in the IT industry and have engineers that apply bios\firmware updates to thousands of servers and desktops, so i'm well aware of what issues can arise from new kit, and the process around engaging different suppliers.

Secondly Mesh DIDnt offer the 'worthwhile extras' as you put it - i had to complain.

I wasted 2 days holiday due to incorrect information. (I was only told the day before the system wasnt being delivered).

I can assure you, one measly 30 quid voucher and a discounted router doesnt cover a days pay. Let alone the inconvienience.

I wasnt kept informed, i kept myself informed as i didnt get calls when promised or email confirmation.

Lets look at the router which was due out yesterday for deliver today. The rep told me it was going to be dispatched and i would receive email confirmation.. that didnt happen.

i had to call mesh again today to be told your system is being dispatched today - all of it - and that includes the router.. So if they kept hold of the router, to dispatch it all together, indicates they knew yesterday that the system was due out today, and they could have told me that. Pure and simple.

Of course i wouldnt be happy if the system didnt work, and i wouldnt expect a system to be shipped out in such condition. No customer would. They test all systems for 24 hours prior to shipping.

My arguement, is i could have chosen another supplier and had the " eyewateringly fab computer " as you so put it many weeks ago. Rememeber the system was ordered on the 16th November. The only reason i didnt go with dell is they arnt using the 8800 cards yet, (but are very shortly) I've never bought from Mesh before, (always Dell). So you can imagine my frustration in choosing another supplier to end up with this kinda hassle.

To chuck comments in about high expensive components that are bought in 'just in time' doesnt wash given they have several systems on order, plus the motherboard is used in mainstream on several spec PC's in their catalogue.

They need to get their act together, along with communications, to ensure customers who are paying for high systems get the customer service and expectations correctly set.

  The Brigadier 15:53 19 Dec 2006

Problems with Mesh keep bouncing about on this & other forums. Why cant mesh sort these problems out before they get put here?

  Kate B 16:07 19 Dec 2006

I understand your frustration - it's absolutely infuriating waiting for a delivery that doesn't turn up - but I hope you're less aggressive in your tone to Mesh than you were in your response to me, as I doubt that tone would endear you to the customer services folk.

It's Christmas - deliveries are rubbish at this time of year, and that is bound to include deliveries to Mesh from its suppliers. I suspect that's got something to do with it; and the 8800 cards are hardly in abundant supply at the moment. And my point about just-in-time deliveries stands. No manufacturer has high-end kit sitting about waiting for a buyer to mosey along. It will buy the kit when it needs it, and not before. That's not so much the case with bogstandard mainstream components, but it's very much the case with top-of-the range stuff.

I agree, it sounds as though Mesh is certainly struggling to maintain a decent level of communication, but we have the benefit of Davey.

  fmlad2002 22:00 19 Dec 2006

Ok everybody its now 21.59... No confirmation mail my order is arriving tomorrow, despite being told both items are being dispatched today...

Lets hope its just a simple "admin" error...

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