Another email scam - a corker!

  QinesiQ 12:54 29 May 2007

I haven’t heard of this one before but perhaps you have. I did have a giggle though! (BTW I received this email after placing a for sale ad on either loot or the advertiser - btw I have set up a unique email address for this purpose).
Gawd, what a laugh! I particularly like the touch "our employees
never leave us" (probably get shipped out to said jungle and shot!)

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is MR EDWARD MATHEW. I would be interested in offering you a
part-time paying job in which you could earn alot.I just resigned my job as
a research scientist for ARINI(Agricultural Research Institute of Northern
Ireland) but I still work as a freelance consultant for the instistute which
gives me very much time to do my own work which is basically being a
freelance researcher who could be employed by research institutes to do
research projects anywhere in the world.

Presently, I have just been granted a funding to head a research
project in the tropical regions of West Africa regarding rare and vulnerable
plant species and this would be commencing very soon, However my funding
were by my UK counterparts which sent me the bunch of payments mostly in UK
based CHEQUES. Getting an accountant in the UK or opening an account would
have been my best choice but I have a deadline to meet and taking any of
those choices would cost me time and a whole lot of other requirements I am
not ready to deal with as I would be traveling a lot in the meantime.

So presently, assuming you would be able to deal with cash, I would be
willing to employ you on contract basis to be my payment representative back
in the UK, this way I could issue and make these money orders out to you,
you could then cash them easily, withdraw 10% of the total amount on these
CHEQUE as your commission and then send the rest back to me through Western
Union wire transfer.

1. Recieve payment from Clients
2. Cash Payments at your Bank
3. Deduct 10% which will be your percentage/pay on Payment processed.
4. Forward balance afer deduction of percentage/pay to any of the offices
you will be contacted to send payment to(Payment is to forwarded either by
Money Gram or Western Union Money Transfer).

10% from each operation! For instance: you receive £4,000 via cheques on
our behalf. You will cash the money and keep £400 (10% from £4,000) for
yourself! At the beginning your commission will equal 10%, though later it
will increase up to 15%!

You do not have to go out as you will work as an independent contractor
right from your home office. Your job is absolutely legal. You can earn up
to £1,200-£2,000 monthly depending on time you will spend for this job. You
do not need any capital to start. The employees who make efforts and work
hard have a strong possibility to become managers. Anyway our employees
never leave us.

18 years or older
legally capable
ready to work 3-4 hours per week.
with PC knowledge e-mail and internet experience (minimal)
And please know that Everything is absolutely legal, that's why You
have to fill a contract!

If you are interested in our offer, please reply with the below details:


Thanks for your anticipated action.And we hope to hear back from you.

Agricultural Research Institute of Northern Ireland
Ireland BT26 6DR

wow! earn 'a lot?' thats for me! application in the post.
i had one form the bank of 'barcleys' and they were checking my 'sirt code'! i wonder if people ever fall for these?

  MrNerdy 13:54 29 May 2007

Nearly everything you need to do for ID fruad!

  ton 15:36 29 May 2007

"freelance consultant for the instistute" Lol!

  SB23 15:36 29 May 2007

I had a similar one the other day.

It started by offering me a job, then went onto asking me whether I had a bank account, which set alarm bells ringing, then went onto say that I could earn a fortune, by paying money into my account, transfering alot of it, but keeping a percentage for my trouble.
I reported it as spam, but I wonder how many individuals fall for this type of message?

  Arthur Scrimshaw 17:30 29 May 2007

the scam works by the forwarding balance you send back to them after the cheque has apparently cleared into your bank account. Even after the money appears in your account, the bank will pull back the funds if they find the cheque is fraudulent or stolen. This can be several weeks or even months after the cheque has 'cleared', especially if it's drawn on an overseas account.

  QinesiQ 19:36 29 May 2007

Hmm, I had actually thought it was money laundering

  MrNerdy 15:49 30 May 2007

All the info supplied would enable someone to set up accounts in your name.
It's an easy way to do it & something The Police advise against.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 16:29 30 May 2007

I was simply pointing out that the scam is not ID fraud but as you raised the matter, simply knowing the information listed is not enough to set up a bank account these days, 50% of which can be read off the front of any letter, the rest would not take a lot to find out. A much easier way would be to go through a persons dustbin, which would yield much more information, including the hard copy utility bills you would need for proof of address when setting up an account.

  pjwheeldon 18:25 30 May 2007

Hey QinesiQ, don't sell yourself off cheap, I got a similar one from a nice lady in "Irland" and was offered 12%! Mind you, she did expect me to work 5-6 hours per week, which is over 1 hour per day (excluding weekends)! Far more than I put in now so had to decline ;-)

  QinesiQ 19:11 30 May 2007

You think I should haggle then? ;-)

May be they'll even throw in a free visit for those managerial meetings.

Then I could really barter and get them to throw in a donkey or two.

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