analogue video 8 transfer

  mikegm1 10:42 09 Apr 2004

I am looking to transfer my old video 8 footage to my laptop. I have found 'DAZZLE' at£60 and 'BELKIN' leads/software £70 both offering USB connection. Has anybody used either of these or is there another product possibly cheaper. Thanks in advance.

  johnnyrocker 13:06 09 Apr 2004

i think you will get more success if you close this post and re post in helproom


  €dstowe 13:35 09 Apr 2004

Pinnacle seem to be the leader in video software now and have taken over Dazzle click here

I'm not familiar with the Belkin product but Belkin do tend to be expensive.

We've recently begun video work and can categorically state that it is an area where skiming on quality will result in great disappointments. Get the best you can afford.

Before we get fully into video work we have bought click here which is top of the range of home video processing. You may not need all of this but the heart of the product is Studio 9 which is a vast improvement over previous versions.

So far we are very pleased with it. The kit was bought as a trial before investing in professional equipment. We will be keeping and using this for some time yet!


  €dstowe 13:42 09 Apr 2004

You say you want to transfer your video footage to your laptop. Do you intend keeping it there?

AVI files are VERY large and will fill your hard drive in no time. Even in MPEG format, the files are big and you won't get much video on a "normal" sized drive.


  lightfeet 14:18 09 Apr 2004

I use my JVC GR-D70 camcorder, which can be purchased quite cheaply, for copying my family VHS tapes to CD/DVD. There probably are other camcorders that will do the same but I have found this gives me excellent results especially when edited with Movie Maker 2. I either copy on to the camcorder's 1 hour mini tape & then transfer it to the computer or more usually use the camcorder as a pass through AV-DV converter by placing a tape that has been fully wound to the end in the camcorder which allows the DV signal to be passed straight into the computer without the intermediate camcorder recording stage. I then edit in Movie Maker 2 before copying to a DVD. I have had no problems whatsoevever with this set up & it's been successful every time. Of course this route also gives you a useful little camcorder.
There are numerous threads about this in Helproom.

  arricarry 20:59 09 Apr 2004

There is a Belkin Hi-Speed USB2.0 DVD creator that comes with U-lead software. Captures from camcorders,cameras and VCRs. Burns too if you have a burner.

  arricarry 21:03 09 Apr 2004
  pj123 13:59 10 Apr 2004

Again I have to say that this subject is coming up daily. Please check out previous threads. Try this one for a start. click here

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