blad1 09:18 19 Apr 2007


Just wanted some advice. I ordered a PC from Mesh which was due to arrive Tuesday. I receiverd an email teling me it was delayed and it was picked up by Amtrack the following evening. It went out with the driver yesterday but they didn't deliver. I believe if they can't deliver the first day, they immediately deliver the next? I'm checking on Amtracks tracking website now and it still says held at depot. I've tried to contact them to see if I can pick it up myself, both today and yesterday, but all I get is an automated machine telling me they can't predict delivery times. Does anyone know a central office number or email I can contact them by? My local depot is Brighton, though I believe it's actally buing held in Crawley? Confused!

  moorie- 09:42 19 Apr 2007

hi hopefully this is it
Amtrak Express Parcels Company House Tower Hill Bristol BS2 0AZ Tel: 08705 456 456

  moorie- 09:43 19 Apr 2007

this is the bristol branch,you may need the consignment number from mesh
click here

  moorie- 09:46 19 Apr 2007

sorry crawley
click here=

  blad1 10:47 19 Apr 2007

Ah, thanks a lot- I'll give that a go. The number I get from their website is totally different.

  MESH Support 09:04 20 Apr 2007

Hi blad1,

You can often search for a consignment using your Mesh Order Number if it helps at all.

If you still have problems with contacting the depot, or need any further help, please email me your order number and screen name (blad1) to [email protected] and I'll chase it up for you.


  ladbroke 18:02 09 May 2007

I am at home waiting for Amtrak to show up - just gone 6 and guess what, no one has turned up. as i have taken the day off to take delivery, and not left the house all day, i'm not very happy. The phone number for the local depot is nothing but a recorded message, the website says my PC is in the depot while Mesh says it has been scanned by a driver, and i can;t get through to a real person anywhere.

This reminds me of the hassle last time i bought a mesh PC 5 years ago - was the same story then. I like Mesh PCs and thought i couldnt possibly have the same bad experience twice, but guess what...

  Colin 20:49 09 May 2007

DABS have started using Amtrak now. Parcel Force were fantastic compared to Amtrak as they always delivered between 1:30 and 2 in the afternoon like clockwork. Deliveries take at least a day longer. When tracking the delivery on the Amtrak website there is at least one "Failed to deliver" note. We can't be hard to find as we're on a business park with parcel delivery vans from every company you can think of coming and going. I guess they may be giving the driver too many deliveries for his hours.

  MESH Support 11:11 10 May 2007

Hi ladbroke,

If you drop me line with your Mesh Order Number and Screen name (ladbroke) to [email protected] I can check with the depot for you if you wish.


  961 19:26 18 Dec 2007

Is Amtrack a franchise organisation in UK?

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