amd x2 3800 will it be good enough

  noexpert 17:01 19 Jul 2007


I'm hoping you guys can help me out and give a few of your opinions.
I'm thinking of buying and amd x2 3800 processor and then when it becomes necessary i will over clock it.
I'm ready to go ahead with this x2 3800 but stalling because i want to know whether this cpu will still be able to give good adequate performance for the next year a so; i know its not the best but will it still be able to give decent performance. I ask this as it seems we are already going quad core and so will dual core not be good enough in a few months time.

I will be multitasking and so on but i also want to be able to play upcoming games like Crysis and Alan Wake, so will this dual core processor be good enough to play future games like the ones I've mentioned. So should i buy it and will it be worth it?

btw i am also purchasing and 8600gt to play current games that are out for now, and can upgrade when needed

Thanks for your feedback.

  citadel 17:39 19 Jul 2007

I would save up and get a 8800gts 320 version as 8600gt is not much good and you would soon want to upgrade it.

  ulrich 17:48 19 Jul 2007

Get the 8800GTS 320mb. I have the Evga model and I am very happy.

  noexpert 17:55 19 Jul 2007

Thats fine i guess i could wait a little while and when i have bit more cash, we'll see and yes i hear that it the geforce8 mid range cards won't be that good when it comes to directx10 games but it is still okay for recent games.

So what is your take on my question about the x2 3800

  Totally-braindead 19:43 19 Jul 2007

My opinion of overclocking is that its a waste of time, you take the chance of destroying your PC and see very little gain. Course its up to you but consider AM2 processors are quite cheap I'd just buy the next one up.
Try looking at the Overclockers Forum click here but is not something I would do.

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