AMD Vs Intel (and a little Mesh)

  hophog 13:27 09 Oct 2006

I recently ordered a PC from Mesh which wasn't delivered on the date they gave and so posted a complaint on their own support forum. After waiting for three weeks hearing excuse after excuse about why my PC wasn't even built yet I eventually got so angry and (unprintable word apprently) off, I got my money back and went elsewhere.

A few days later Mesh put a notice up on their forum along with a public apology which, given the other posts on other forums that I have now become aware, of surprised me. There's also since been a mini feature, or an opinion I guess, of the people who run Mesh's host site. The main message though was about the shortage of AMD CPU's

In the end I dropped AMD and went for an Intel system instead. I've been what a friend affecionately calls an AMD Fanboy for about 6 years now so this is a big step for me, but I can't help wondering whether AMD are going lose whatever lead they had over this. I can't be the only person who needed a PC as soon as possible, who had to go for an Intel equivalent because AMD couldn't supply the CPU....

Anyway, I posted here for two reasons. 1, There are a few people posting about this problem (amongst other problems I note) but don't seem to be aware of the AMD situation, and 2, to ask if anyone else knows of anything else going on in the world of AMD/Intel that might be relevant to help explain what is happening.

The link to the feature by the way is click here

P.s. I realise that Mesh wasn't entirely to blame so apologise for some of the words I used on the phone. Sorry people.

  MESH Response 14:07 09 Oct 2006


Yes -your right, one of the best-kept secrets - Total lack of assured AMD supply on mainstream CPUs.

Note also AMDs official response on the link above. Plenty of reading between the lines required. Little MESH can say or do except avoid the pitfalls to go to where we can be assured availability. And if you look at our site you can see the significant changes we have had to implement. Thank goodness for Core 2 Duo and the apparent performance gains.

Any way, MESH posted letter to our customers on the aforementioned site (our forum) to follow -

click here

As regards to how all this might effects AMD share in the long run - it’s not for me to speculate(on hear at least).


  def90csw 14:43 09 Oct 2006

Why are AMD not supplying the market with CPU chips? Are they doing away with the 939 Skt is that the reason??

  MESH Response 15:01 09 Oct 2006

All I can do is refer you to Jan Gütter, AMD's Senior Public Relations Rep, posting, on the above link.

"The competitive performance and advantages of AMD’s current product offerings combined with our widening relationships with system builders and regional and global OEMs have hampered our ability to fully meet the demand of some customers, including regional OEM partners. The situation is slowly but steadily improving, and we continue of course to work every avenue to meet the needs of our customers. Because we are in our quiet period prior to reporting our Q3 2006 Financial Results, this is as detailed a response as we can provide at this time."

Seems about right to me.

I can’t get drawn into the reasoning behind their actions, as I think it should come from AMD themselves. I will ask AMD to come on to see if they may wish to contribute.


  def90csw 15:12 09 Oct 2006

Cheers Nick & yes AMD's view would be nice.

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