AMD Processors - Shortage at High End

  CalmCookie 13:51 02 Oct 2006

I have been trying for the past 2 months to buy an AMD X2 Dual Core AM2 Athlon 64 5200+ 2.6 GHz processor Part No:ADA5200CSBOX or an AMD X2 Dual Core AM2 Athlon 64 5000+ 2.6GHz Part No:ADA5000CUBOX.

2 companies that advertise these 2 processors, but show them as waiting stock have promised me dates, but they have passed and the dates are moving closer and closer towards the end of the year.
I understand that both these processors have been released, yet no-one seems to have them in stock....are AMD holding back for the Christmas market? Or can perhaps someone explain why these processors are just not available.

  GaT7 15:08 02 Oct 2006

I'm not sure whether relevant or not.....

Have you considered the new Intel 'Conroe' Core2 Duos? I think even the E6600 (click here /click here /click here) may be equivalent to/outperform an AMD 5000+/5200+, & they're cheaper too.

A few articles/benchmarks click here, click here, click here. G

  CalmCookie 19:40 02 Oct 2006

Well I've always been an AMD person and I've bought the motherboard, graphics card and ram to work all together with the least problems. The processor was ordered at the same time from the same I don't particularly want to send it all back. I suppose I'll just have to wait and hope my components are not out-of-date by the time is arrives. :(

  Joe R 21:58 02 Oct 2006


You can save a few bob with this one. I don't think there is any discernible difference between the 4800 & 5000 flavours.

click here=

  fawr 22:44 02 Oct 2006


I have had an AMD 5000 machine on order since August from Evesham. They are waiting for processors and informed me today that they now have a further delay. They have been assured delivery on 5th October and to me by the 11th - not that it helps you but I thought you might be interested.

  CalmCookie 10:41 03 Oct 2006

Thanks it's not just the small fry like me who have been starved of these processors. C'mon AMD lets see some products please....

  MESH Support 13:56 03 Oct 2006

Hear hear

  CalmCookie 12:22 10 Oct 2006

Another date has passed when they were promised to be In Stock.....and it's a 'NO SHOW'.
Next date set to 25th October.... :(

  CalmCookie 02:24 27 Oct 2006

Whooo hoo....Komplett have some in....mines on it's way at last. :>

  CalmCookie 02:29 27 Oct 2006

Whooo hoo....Komplett have some in....mines on it's way at last. :>

  jimv7 10:15 27 Oct 2006

Aria at click here

£249.00 ex, £292.58 inc in stock.

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