AMD or Intel?

  toojohnny 20:06 04 Sep 2010

Hi, just about to buy a new pc, and am stuck between 2. Both HP, but with following differences:

1. Intel Pentium 320GB HD

2. AMD athlon 500GB HD (plus slimline tower)

My last 2 pcs have had AMD processors, but is there a feeling that 1 is better than the other?

Also, what do people think about slimline towers? I assume the discs are loaded sideways?

No 2 choice is £30 more.

Opinions please!

Many thanks.

  Proclaimer 21:33 04 Sep 2010

1. Intel Pentium What?

2. AMD athlon What?

If you list the CPU Type we can judge them better.

Also what is your intent with the PC, games, Photo editing, Video Editing, just a basic home PC for e-mail and docs?

The more we know about how you use the PC the better we can advise.

  toojohnny 22:00 04 Sep 2010

Hi there,

Thanks for the response.

1. Intel® Pentium® Processor E5400
- 2.70 GHz
- 800 MHz FSB
- 2 MB Level 2 Cache
-320GB HD

2. AMD Athlon™ II X2 220 Processor
- 2.8 GHz
- 2 GHz HT
- 1 MB L2 Cache
-500GB HD
This one has a slimline case, which I can only assume must be side loading?

This one is £30 more.

Obviously I've had pcs for years, but am currently using an AMD Athlon 64 2GHz (1/2 gig of RAM)

It's over 5 years old, and dog slow - even though I defragment etc (the HD 160GB is only half full). The internet takes a few minutes to be ready once I turn the pc on, and you can always hear the hard drive struggling away. The wind-ups this pc is giving with delays and having wait is just not worth the hassle...

I think there is a big build up of [email protected], but I can't be bothered to do a fresh install, as my monitor is 10 years old (CRT) and the pic is really dark.

So just getting a new pc/monitor bundle.

I'm not interested in playing games on a pc at all (I'd get a games console for that!)

I store lots of photos, music, and lots of spreadsheets.

There will be some photo editing for sure, and probably video editing too at some point.

But no games! :o)

Doesn't have to be the latest/greatest pc, so am just going for something 'medium' really, and just wanted to know if there was any general consensus which processor was better.


  mrwoowoo 03:35 05 Sep 2010

Those 2 CPU's are so finely matched that you wouldn't notice any differance between them. But since you asked, the intel is slightly better.
I wouldn't base my choice on the CPU's. Ignore them and go by which PC has the most RAM(if any) as this will make more differance. Which has the better graphics chip which will make a big difference when video editing.Or maybe the larger hard drive if you will need lots of storage.

  jack 10:56 05 Sep 2010

In simple terms [your own]selection by processor is irrelevant -
Simply go for the one that has all the other features[toys] you desire.

Machines are built around processors from motherboard up.

  toojohnny 13:57 05 Sep 2010

Hi guys, thanks for that.

Ok, these pcs are the same make - Both HP. Both have 3 GB DDR3 RAM.

A lot of the other features are the same, but different graphics cards (added below):

1. Intel® Pentium® Processor E5400
- 2.70 GHz
- 800 MHz FSB
- 2 MB Level 2 Cache
-320GB HD
-Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X4500 HD

2. AMD Athlon™ II X2 220 Processor
- 2.8 GHz
- 2 GHz HT
- 1 MB L2 Cache
-500GB HD
-Integrated NIVIDIA GeForce 6150 Graphics

This one has a slimline case, which I can only assume must be side loading?

I did get the feeling that Intel would be considered better (just) which is the whole reason I'm asking these questions, as for an extra £30 for an extra 180GB on HD and a slimline case, you would think it was a no-brainer.

So is the Geforce, or the Intel graphics card better?

Cheers again.

  wee eddie 14:52 05 Sep 2010

but almost impossible to upgrade and, almost certainly, would require a 1/2 sized Graphics Card which are as scarce as hens teeth.

  toojohnny 15:32 05 Sep 2010

Hi Wee Eddie,

I get the future potential upgrade problem, but the graphics card is in there already, so I wouldn't have to worry about that right?

  toojohnny 15:34 05 Sep 2010

Am I allowed to paste the product link in here?

Then you can see what I'm looking at.

  wee eddie 15:39 05 Sep 2010

Neither has a Graphics Card.

Both have "on-board" Graphics.

  toojohnny 15:53 05 Sep 2010

What is the difference? Is 'on-board' not as good? and are a lot of pcs like this?

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