AMD and lack of CPU's

  def90csw 15:15 09 Oct 2006

Why the shortage of AMD CPU's out there?

  sean-278262 16:00 09 Oct 2006

What shortage? Am I missing something here?

  Stuartli 16:35 09 Oct 2006


click here

click here

34 at Dabs:

click here

That's just the first three...:-)

I think its the higher end chips that are in shortage such as the X2 4800 and 5000

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:59 09 Oct 2006

I think there are two reasons for the short supply. Firstly, relatively few chips from a wafer will be good enough to be sold set to run at the highest speeds and secondly, short supply of the premium chips keeps the price high.

  MESH Response 17:49 09 Oct 2006

Firstly many will advertise availability. That’s no indication necessarily of what quantities that may be in stock.

Secondly thru retail AMD see a significantly 'different' margin on the product to system integration. Any inventory I would imagine would be targeted at these customers.

Thirdly, AM2 X2 mid range is where the real constriction in supply (and volumn demand)is and many of these items are on pre order on the links provided, or simply not available.

Lastly – If a vendor is lucky enough to have stock, some might consider putting a premium on these items if sold in retail, ‘regulating’ its supply. Something we never did/could never do.

So it’s hard to extrapolate from the above links that the channel is infused with stock. In fact we know it is indeed the reverse. It’s not to say we don’t get stock, buts it’s intermittent, erratic and falls short of our forecasts.


  Stuartli 17:55 09 Oct 2006

Study the original question again...:-)

  kev d 19:30 09 Oct 2006

The interesting question is why AMD cannot keep up with the demand. This and the fact that Intel have released their dual core processors may be damaging to AMD in the longer run. Companies like Mesh, who rely on their production runs and cash flows, may have to base more of their PCs on Intel chips until AMD can sort out their supply problems. It would be interesting to see what AMD have planned to remedy the current shortage of mid-range X2s.

Just because a company advertises a product on the internet it doesn't mean it is immediately available or even avaialable at all.

  Stuartli 19:58 09 Oct 2006

As someone who's been buying products online for at least 10 years I'm well aware that might be a possibility.

However, the comapanies I deal with (and there's a fair few) normally state if a product is unavailable, how long it will be unavailable for or provide an estimate of how many days before goods will be back in stock and, in addition, many offer to advise by e-mail when they receive new stock.

As I said in my 17:55 posting it's worth reading the original thread again.

  Stuartli 20:01 09 Oct 2006

May I presume that you don't believe, for instance, the stock figures provided by e-Buyer?

  Mr Mistoffelees 06:25 10 Oct 2006

The problem with the stock figures provided by any online retailer, is that you do not know when they were last updated.

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