AMD Athlon rip off

  SpyMan²°°­­³ 12:47 09 Jan 2003
  SpyMan²°°­­³ 12:47 09 Jan 2003

I have just done a bit of research before ordering my new computer from I ordered the 2700+ AMD and realized that it wasn't quite 2.7 GHz but was supposed to perform up to a 2.7GHz P4.

Here is the problem...the Athlon 2600+ is 2.13GHz and the 2700+ is 2.17GHz. There is no way on this earth that a 2700+ or a 2600+ could match up to its P4 counterpart. The difference in 0.04 GHz of an athlon can't possibly be equivalent of 1GHz of a P4. This is just an excuse for being well behind in the R+D on chip speeds. I am seriously considering changing my system around and getting a P4 instead.

It would be interesting to hear what you all have to say

  leo49 12:59 09 Jan 2003

Hardly a rip-off - this change in processor designation was extremely well-publicised and has been in use for months now.Your money - up to you whether you believe them or not.


  weejobbie 13:06 09 Jan 2003

There were some doubts by IT journalist when Athlon annouced their new XP processors by a mysterious figure rather than actual speed. However, it was already accepted by most people who are involved in benchmarking that the same speed of Athlon is always faster than the P4 equivalent. Most decent supplier will actually tell you the speed in brackets after the Athlon XP xxxx number.

I suggest there is no need to change your system - your Athlon will work at least if not more than the P4 with the speed you are looking for. Millions of speed craving gamers out there would prove that the above is correct.

  Elrond 13:07 09 Jan 2003

I think you'll find the 0.04Ghz change = a 100Mhz change between pentiums.

2.7Ghz - 2.6Ghz = 0.1Ghz

0.1Ghz = 100Mhz

  Elrond 13:08 09 Jan 2003

As Leo49 says its hardly a rip off especially considering the price difference between AMD and Pentium 4

  powerless 13:23 09 Jan 2003

October 2001 but here here

  kchakrak 13:54 09 Jan 2003

err hate to tell u...

AMD athlons do perform to P4. My 1600+ does 1413GHZ. but it performs as well as a p4 1.6ghz. Read the reviews in the excellent PC advisor mag. or click here

  Stalker 13:58 09 Jan 2003

In 99% of all benchmarks the Xp processors have proven to be better than there equivilant in P4. Alot of it dfoes also come down to the mainboard and chip set as well, Im a computer retailer and about 90% of all my systems i build are AMD XP the other 10% are P4 where they have said they want P4 no matter what (probably because they feel the same way you do)
I've used the XP CPU's in my own systems since they were released onto the market and i will never go back to having a pentium, not for a while anyway :)
I personally do not feel you will be ripped off if you buy the AMD system as generally the Pentium 4 motherboard and cpu's are more expensive.
Try buying local always the best way because then you can speak to someone face to face and explain to them what you are after.


  Mysticnas 14:39 09 Jan 2003


They are pretty good, and it is true that lower Hz value Athlon XP's will perform along side higher Hz P4 CPU's.

And it is a well known fact that the Number ie. 2700 is just a model number and not an indication of Clock speed.

You see the way in which the processor works is different to the Intel P4. The amount of work done in each clock cycle is the what counts. You could have for instance, a P4 doing 1 million instructions per cycle and an Athlon XP doing maybe 1.5million instructions per cycle.

So it's all about whats inside. remember that old saying...

"Don't judge a book by it's cover"

I'll put my hands up and say i use a P4 2.4 but thats only cuz some of the professional apps i use are optimised by intel P4. Other wise i'd have gone for an AMD.

  accord 17:34 09 Jan 2003

just to add to this..... my xp 2000+ is working extremely fast for everything i do and have saved myself a packet over using a P4. I f i did have a P4 then i doudt very much if i would notice any difference.

spyman....where have you been for the past 18 months or so and which pc mags do you read, to come up with a question like this.

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