AMD Athlon or Intel Pentium4?

  upatree 16:22 22 Jun 2003

I am about to update my system, currently a P111, 550mhz, for something a little nippier. Can anyone advise me on the processor? A friend who edits video for a living says Athlon is faster, but elsewhere in this forum I have read that P4s are better! Apart from price are there significant differences that would affect what I want to use it for, which is basic office programs,Photoshop and other graphics programs, digital photography manipulation and dv editing.

  [email protected] 16:44 22 Jun 2003

you need a 1Gig (or more) processor for video work. yes 550mhz works well but speed matters with video. athlon is excellent P4 you pay for the name but just as good sometimes slightly better. The other principal factor is the monitor & you should find that this forum will come forward with views on the qualities of monitors. A good graphic card like creative audology 4 is excellent but there are comparitive cards which are better again you pay for the best

  kane_2002k 16:51 22 Jun 2003

If you are looking for a more cost effective solution then go with AMD, find that as a platform it is more easily upgradable (i.e. if you were to buy a 2000xp should be ok to move up to 2700xp with minimal hassle, usually just require a bios flash), also motherboards are cheaper. Downside to athlon is that it runs hotter, (and personnlly i really hate the method of attaching the heatsink and fan). Also it is soon to be made redunant for the new 64bit AMD processors, hence prices may fall steeply after you buy.

With a pentium4 positive points are that if you are looking at buying one of the top spec processors (i.e. one of the new 800fsb pentiums) you will find that it soundly outperforms the AMD cpu's. AMD Athlon XP has lost further ground; its current flagship model, the XP 3200+, can only manage a performance somewhere in between those of the 2.6-GHz and 2.8-GHz Pentium 4(800fsb and hyperthreading). However you will be looking at paying more for the motherboard and the processor.

Also depends on what you are planning to use your pc for, tend to find that for MP3 encoding and decoding and other AV rendering and encoding that the pentiums will outperform AMD, while with games the performance is more equal depending on what games you are looking at.

In conclusion i would say that if money is no object, right now you can't do any better then a pentium 4 with 800fsb and hyperthreading. Otherwise an athlon is good too

to make the jump from an old p111 to a modern processor you will needto upgrade your motherboard and ram as well so perhaps you should look at buying a whole new system, base your decision on the motherboard that has all the features and ports that you will require .either intelP4 or athlonXP is going to be so much faster than what you are used to but you wont see all the benefit unless you use windows XP.

rather than sit on the fence i will recommend INTEL, you're buying more than just a name and processor/chipset integration is going to be much better and your USB ports are considerably more likely to work.

but basically the point is to make your decision based on the motherboard.

  DieSse 23:18 22 Jun 2003

If all you want to know is what is the fastest, then the fastest P4 is considerably faster than the fastest Athlon. But also note that they both come in various speeds, depending on how much you want to spend.

In my experience, the P4s are easier to set up and get going in a system and appear to have better heat management. I'm also happier buying from profitable manufacturers rather than loss making ones. I don't feel that I should support what I consider to be poor business models.

  SEASHANTY 15:56 23 Jun 2003

For Intel and AMD CPU's from way back to 2003 click this link <click here>

  upatree 16:14 23 Jun 2003

Many thanks for your replies, people. Very helpful they were, too.

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