AMD 64 or Athlon XP?

  gobi 15:18 29 Nov 2004


Price of AMD chip has been dropping lately and decided to try building a new system here. I was about to plunge for the Athlon XP when I noticed that the Asus nforce3 mobo for A64 socket 754 is lower than the Asus nforce2 for Athlon XP.

So, I got to option here:

A) Athlon 64 3000 (Newcastle), Asus K8N nforce3
B) Athlon XP 3000, Asus A7N8XE-Deluxe

Is there going to be any significant different in performance between going between them? Anybody would like to share his opinion? Which option would be better?

  961 15:46 29 Nov 2004

For most practical purposes I don't think you'll notice the difference

However, I do think socket 754 makes sense and PCIExpress is the coming thing so far as the ability to upgrade in the future

Like all these decisions, you can always wait for tomorrow but I do think that unless you are determined to save on the processor the new 754 pin option is better

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:58 29 Nov 2004

Unfortunately socket 754 is, like the Athlon XP, soon to be obsolete as it is being replaced by the socket 939 for the Athlon 64. With either option you will have problems upgrading in the future. Even so, given that it is both cheaper and a bit faster, in your position I would certainly go for the Athlon 64.

  Rayuk 17:12 29 Nov 2004

Socket 754 is to become the Athlon budget series and the 939 the higher end,as far as I am aware they are not getting rid of the 754 anytime soon.

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:31 29 Nov 2004

This on AMD's website does appear to indicate that for Athlon 64 the socket 754 has been replaced by socket 939. click here

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:32 29 Nov 2004

I stand corrected if you have more upto date information.

  Rayuk 18:36 29 Nov 2004

I think you have misinterpreted the table in your link the 2003 2004 at the top indicates the introduction of the socket.
When I said anytime soon I meant the next year perhaps,as they have introduced the Winchester cpus in socket 754 and 939 formats.
Original question was from Socket A to 754 perhaps it may be better to price the 939 into the equation as if its only a few pounds difference that would be the best way to go.

  Rayuk 18:47 29 Nov 2004

Of the 2 you are considering I would say go the 754 way as the 3200+ is the maximum cpu for socketA the rumour I have come across a few times is that the maximum for socket 754 will be 3700+
But as mentioned above price up the 939 as well.

Athlon xp range is being phased out anyway.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:57 29 Nov 2004

"Time for bed" said Zebedee...... I obviously need sleep!

  gobi 22:31 29 Nov 2004

I am seriously considering socket 754, although the price of its cpu is a bit higher than the higher end of socket A. I am not sure about 754 lifespan but it seems to be that the socket A is the most likely chip to be obsolete. AMD appear to be placing its budget chip Sempron on Socket 754 and its higher end 64 bit chip on socket 939. Socket 939 is the top range of AMD line now and support a higher bandwith. Unfortunately they are so damn expensive. 939 mobo is very few around and also priced at the higher end.
The only difference I can see between socket 754 and socket A Asus nforce mobo is that the later support dual channel memory - which I am not entirely sure of its true value, and didn't see the need to.
But then, gauged from the response, I might go down 754 route. Thanks for the response and input.

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