AMD 64 bit system problems

  GlobalPC 11:53 18 Feb 2004

I am having problems building a system with AMD's new 64 bit CPU - the first I've built.
I am using a Gigabyte K8 KT800 mainboard. When I power on, the fans run and immediately shut off. Using a POST diagnostic card, all lights flash on then off and the display briefly shows "AA".

I've swapped out virtually everything including RAM, PSU. graphics card etc. It behaves the same every time. I have even swapped out the CPU itself to no avail. I am suspecting the mobo but cannot explain why it should be this. As I haven't another K8 board I am loathe to order one unless there is a good chance it is that.

Incidentally - how on earth do you remove the heatsink without dragging the CPU out by the roots?? The thermal paste on the heatsink holds the chip so tight it seems impossible!!


  Jester2K 12:04 18 Feb 2004

What does the manual tells you the AA means?

  Jester2K 12:05 18 Feb 2004

Oh and which mobo exactly?

  GlobalPC 12:14 18 Feb 2004

Jester2K - it states that "AA" means POST cannot start.
It's a Gigabyte GA-K8N with nForce3 150 chipset and Award BIOS.

  Edstow 14:42 18 Feb 2004

Maybe this would be better in Helproom.

Many people who go there don't come to ConsumerWatch.


  GlobalPC 14:47 18 Feb 2004


Sorry - didn't notice I was in the wrong place!!

I'll close this thread and apologies to all.


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