amd 64 4000 vs opteron 146

  momurda 00:24 05 Sep 2006

ok my question here is which should i buy, the 4000 for 135! or the opteron 146 for 111! i game and i overclock, i have a p4 2.8e and its nto good enough for me! can some one help me?

  momurda 05:11 06 Sep 2006

can anyone help me?

  keef66 14:20 06 Sep 2006

Have a look at the interactive cpu charts on Tom's Hardware

click here

  momurda 15:15 06 Sep 2006

ya but they dont have opterons, and i heard that thye give some wrong info on there benchmarks and stuff

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:32 06 Sep 2006

If you look at those benchmarks, you will see that the performance of the Athlon64 4000+ is close to that of the Pentium4 Extreme Edition 3.73GHz. Over the range of benchmarks, sometimes the Athlon is fastest, sometimes the Pentium. Whatever, it is way ahead of your Pentium 4 2.8E, running at its stock speed.

  Rayuk 19:06 06 Sep 2006

This latest batch of oem 4000+ seem to clock well to 3GHz[given the right motherboard and ram of course] without problems according to folk on their forums.
click here

  DrScott 19:19 06 Sep 2006

consider an AMD dual core - similar sort of money, or even the intel core duo (the low spec one is about the same amount).

The opteron is a notoriously good overclocker, but you never really know with overclocking how good an effect you'll get per chip.

  momurda 21:11 06 Sep 2006

thank u for all this but the dual cores arent as good at gaming, and an intel core duo e6300 costs 200 bucks and the good motherboards cost like 250 bucks, i only got like enoung to buy a case 100 the 4000 140 and a mobo 90

  DrScott 00:30 07 Sep 2006

aren't quite as good at some games, but since most games are GPU dependent rather than CPU it won't make much difference whether your dual or single. However, your normal applications will prefer dual.

New games are likely to be written to take advantage of dual core and quad core CPUs, so spending money on single core processors is a slight backward step. However, if you're a keen overclocker with a good cooling system, then opterons are reported as being the business.

  momurda 02:30 07 Sep 2006

ya thats true but i just wanted soeting to put me off until the new amd quad cores some out, and the 4000 was once liek 740 dollars and is still one of the best cpus for gaming

  DrScott 11:28 08 Sep 2006

then just go with the 4000. If you're feeling braver, and have a good motherboard (with lots of ability to overclock) with a good cooling set up then go for the opteron... well that's what I would do!

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