lovelylel 16:55 22 May 2003

I ordered a DVD from a private seller via Amazon Marketplace, it has not arrived. Have contacted the seller who claims to have posted it at the weekend. Has anyone else had a problem with a vendor on Amazon and if so, what, if anything, did Amazon do to help? Of course my stuff may come, but would like to know if anyone else has had a similar problem. Thanks.

  Lú-tzé 21:00 22 May 2003

I have bought books via the Amazon marketplace when they were not available as new and never had a problem. Afterwards, Amazon send an email asking for info re the seller - did the seller accurately describe the item? did it arrive quickly? and so on.

Have you contacted Amazon yet?

  soy 21:22 22 May 2003

I have had the opposite problem.

Someone selected to purchase a book I was selling but they never paid. I waited for about 2-3 weeks but in the end, I had to relist the book.

  Lú-tzé 22:09 22 May 2003

Soy - I thought that it was necessary to pay Amazon for the book and then Amazon sends the payment to the seller. As a matter of interest, how much commission is charged by Amazon?

  lovelylel 14:39 23 May 2003

thanks, I have contacted both the seller and Amazon. Seller says he dispatched last Saturday so it should be with me now. Amazon say contact seller and if no luck I can claim under guarantee after 30 days. If DVD has not arrived by end of next week I will try contacting my credit card co to stop the payment, do you think that will work? Perhaps I am being a bit hasty, but my experience with Royal Mail has always been favourable and their delivery times are generally good. However I will not buy from a private seller again! Yes, the money does go to Amazon firstly rather than the seller, the seller can then get the money paid into their account after a specified period. I sold something myself on Marketplace and it all went smoothly though had to wait a long time for the funds to go through.

  soy 22:09 23 May 2003


Amazon don't charge very much commission. Maybe a couple of pounds, I'm not sure.

I recieved an email from amazon saying that someone had purchased my book and told to wait until the payment had been processed before I send it out. I waited for a couple of weeks, emailed the buyer etc but nothing. Amazon eventually told me that the buyer had not attempted to pay and to relist the book.

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