Amazon takes payment for no service.

  anskyber 12:11 31 Jul 2006

It is part of the terms and conditions of the Amazon DVD rental service that any unexpended portion of the monthly subscription will be lost. In my case I have been away on holiday and also on a family medical emergency.

As a result of which Amazon have deducted £9.99p for the last two months without me being able to use the service. So instead of having a credit of 12 DVDs to watch I have none. It is lost. It is part of their T and Cs so I have no claim, but for others be warned. They can take money for nothing ( thankfully I am not in Dire Straits!)

  spuds 12:38 31 Jul 2006

" They can take money for nothing", that's true, but at least they have pre-warned you about it, in their terms and conditions.

Similar incidents happen with me on a regular basis, with store saver vouchers. Time expires, before you get around to using them.The other one to watch for, are book clubs who send goods, usually Editor's choice, that you have not ordered.

  silverous 12:43 31 Jul 2006

They did provide the service, you just didn't use it. They had to provide it, to be sat there waiting for you.

Some services allow you to take a 'holiday' (I know Tesco dvd rental does).

"Takes payment for no service" is a bit of an emotive headline given that it is a subscription and is made clear in their T&Cs.

  anskyber 12:51 31 Jul 2006

I did not see the payment for no service as an emotive headline; factual is how I see it. My post completely accepts the situation, as I have said it is in their T and Cs. My thread was intended to remind or alert others rather than beef about Amazon who I happen to regard as one of the best providers I have used on line.

  silverous 13:00 31 Jul 2006

Ok, it just didn't read that way. e.g. "they can take money for nothing". You cannot deny they provided the service by making rental of dvds available to you, you chose not to use it. If you didn't go on holiday and chose not to rent any would you object to the charges then? I just got the impression from your post you felt there was something awry but glad you are happy with amazon.

  anskyber 13:04 31 Jul 2006

Very happy thank you. Others may take a different view given an understanding of the T and Cs.

  pj123 15:55 31 Jul 2006

How can there be a "different view".

As an example if you have a telephone service you will pay a line rental charge. If you decide to go away for a month or two and not use the telephone they are still providing the service and will charge for it. Just because you are not able to use the service doesn't mean they should stop charging.

It's the same with all services. I pay my Gas, Electricity, Water, Council Tax, Broadband etc all by direct debit.

They don't stop charging just because I am not here to be able to use the services.

  pj123 15:58 31 Jul 2006

I also have a rental agreement with Amazon, but it can be cancelled at any time.

If I know I am going to be away for a couple of months I think I would cancel it and then restart it when I get back.

  anskyber 16:08 31 Jul 2006

Steady on folks. I am only trying to draw attention to the T and Cs which I certainly accept if you read my posts. I would be very surprised if everyone reads all of them for every service they sign up to. Who actually reads all of the licence agreements before they download software for example? I suggest a minority.

Without wishing to broaden the issue I should point out that the examples given by pj123 do not have parallels with this case. I do agree that there are parallels with other services but for me at least not for water supply, electricity supply or my oil supply. I pay for what I get and there is no standing charge.

  anskyber 16:11 31 Jul 2006

There can be a "different view" because it may shock you to learn that not everyone will agree with your opinion. I am surprised that you do not countenance views which do not accord with your own.

  silverous 16:55 31 Jul 2006

Anskyber I think it is all down to your original post wording and topic. It didn't really sound like trying to warn people it sounded like a claim that you had been 'had' by Amazon.

You have clarified that that wasn't your aim, simply to draw people's attention to the T&Cs which is admirable.

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