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  WMB 17:16 26 Sep 2006

Today it would appear that someone has managed to hack into my Amazon account and change the e-mail and password.

I do not believe that any complacency on my part contributed to this and believe the Amazon internet security has been breached.

I've reported the matter, however on two occasions when I've been trying to speak to Amazon's fraud department, I've been cut off after speaking to customer services.

I have contacted them by e-mail twice, once to confirm I hadn't requested the account changes the second to complain about twice being cut off and to register my displeasure over the hassle this security breach has caused.

Anyone else had any such problems? I've encountered one other case of recent credit card fraud that is suspected to be due to an Amazon account being hacked.

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  GaT7 17:57 26 Sep 2006

If not already done, cancel your registered payment method(s) immediately - credit/debit card(s) as applicable.

Thanks for letting us know. I was in the process of putting items in my Amazon shopping basket when I came across this. Let's hope they can get it under control soon. G

  WMB 18:27 26 Sep 2006

Not possible if its been hijacked. I have cancelled the credit card used recently on this account, and alerted my bank to the likelehood of dubious transactions being attempted with my details.

I'm not even sure if you can delete cards in your Amazon account, it just seems to store any payment methods that have been used.

I think my account is under investigation by Amazon, I just hope this involves the authorities tracking down the perps and paying them a swift visit before the hack other accounts!

  GaT7 18:41 26 Sep 2006

Sorry, I meant at source - credit card company &/or bank - which you've done.

"I'm not even sure if you can delete cards in your Amazon account..." - apparently can be done (but I haven't tried) click here. G

  rdave13 19:22 26 Sep 2006

Thanks for the warning. Have deleted my cc details just in case.

  GaT7 14:29 02 Oct 2006

Another example of security breach? click here. Or is it just plain fraud? Some items are several times their retail value. G

  Haol 19:23 02 Oct 2006

Do you have auto-login enabled WMB? Or keep your password written down somewhere on a txt file? I don't think Amazon was hacked, I think your computer was hacked.

  WMB 19:29 02 Oct 2006

No, I have not enabled auto-login. I do have the password in a text file. But that's on an encrypted USB pen using TrueCrypt. The chances of someone breaking the password to access the text file in less than a few years would be slim...

  Haol 19:33 02 Oct 2006

Have you signed in to any dodgy Amazon sites lately?

  WMB 20:15 02 Oct 2006

I haven't signed into Amazon full stop for about a month.

And then it is always through a bookmark to the Amazon site, never through any e-mail links (even if they are genuine Amazon e-mails).

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