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  KremmenUK 07:21 02 Dec 2009

I was considering getting a new electric shaver and the latest Braun 3 series sounds good on the adverts.

Popping over to Amazon I read through the reviews.

There are some outstanding reviews and some not so. I cannot understand how the same product can get a 5 start rating from some and yet be a poor performer for others.

Looking more closely at the good reviews I'm suspicious that perhaps the manufacturers are buying a few of their own products which allows them to post a customer review? The review seems too clinical as though by a professional writer.

The reviews that don't excel seem more true to life and honest using current shavers as a comparison.

I wonder how true or prevalent this is on Amazon ?

  Kevscar1 07:45 02 Dec 2009

If it is Amazon itself then I would trust them but not so sure if it was from the sellers.
Everybody has different views, I love BMW's from the first one I had but I know poeple who have had them and hate them.

  tullie 08:09 02 Dec 2009

Its the same on whatever is reviewed,on all types of goods.

  mr simon 10:20 02 Dec 2009

You don't have to buy a product from Amazon to pen a review on it. If there is an overwhelming number of 5 stars and a few 1 stars, that sounds about right.

Think about it this way. For example, 90% of people love it, so they give it top marks. For the rest, the shaver was probably DOA, didn't arrive in the post, not the right colour, or some other reason. The majority of people are not very objective when it comes to reviewing, and they will just give it the lowest score.

  Picklefactory 12:57 02 Dec 2009

.... there are not many items around that are 100% perfect everytime, so there will be issues with many products for a minority of people and they will obviously post their experiences. Any reviews can only be used as a guide, not a guarantee. I think you'll find, however, that Amazon, as a vendor, gets excellent reviews, both here on PCA and elsewhere, so even if they cannot guarantee the quality of individual items, should you have an issue, their reputation is such that they tend to resolve them very quicly and satisfactorily.
I personally use Amazon a lot, and have only ever had one issue which they resolved without a quibble, to my complete satisfaction.

  Hercule Marple 13:01 02 Dec 2009

Re. Electric shavers. I've owned quite a few over the years, and some of them have really irritated my skin. My current one doesn't, and I'm hanging on to it till it conks. I can well believe some people being more sensitive to different shavers than others.

Re. Amazon reviews. I mostly buy DVDs from them, and I can ususally tell when a review of a particular film is heartfelt, or just nondescript pap.

  Pine Man 13:17 02 Dec 2009

I have just bought a childs safety gate and in the reviews it got five stars from everybody except one person who gave it none. The reason - her son got some cardboard boxes and was able to use them to climb over the gate!!!

  Ford Prefect 01 16:33 02 Dec 2009

Caveat emptor, is always the safest bet.

  mr simon 17:07 02 Dec 2009

That most people will only review a product if they have a grievance against it. The majority of people are quiet and contented.

  morddwyd 19:32 02 Dec 2009

Small topical example - look at some reviews for Dell. Most people think they are absolutely marvellous; I would rather use a Filofax`than use a Dell computer!

Each reviewer writes on his/her own experience.

  AL47 19:48 02 Dec 2009

i love my dell lol, just goes to show, tho my last was terrible!

most reviews are negative, cause of what 'mr simon' said

i personally was going to get one too, but the sensitive skin issues mean im sticking with wet shave

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