Amazon Returns

  Declanworld 17:15 23 Aug 2007

My USB 2.0 pen drive occasionally thinks it's a USB 1 device. Do I hassle
Bytestor who have refused to answer my email, annoy Amazon or buy a new one?


  Clapton is God 17:25 23 Aug 2007

But do you have USB 2.0 ports on your PC/laptop?

If not, any USB 2.0 device can only operate at USB 1 speeds.

  spuds 19:04 23 Aug 2007

Amazon are very good at resolving disputes, should you need to go that route.

  Declanworld 19:07 23 Aug 2007

I have the drive 18 months, connected to my USB 2.0 card. It has always worked at full speed both at home and work.

  Stuartli 08:37 24 Aug 2007

If you have had the drive for 18 months, it is very likely out of guarantee/warranty.

If the fault is only occasional, then it might not be the drive at fault.

Spuds is quite right about Amazon being first class at resolving returns issues - I once returned a set of Logitech 5.1 speakers after 18 months (two year warranty) and within a few days I had a full refund, plus the cost of returning the speakers by ParcelForce.

  Declanworld 08:49 24 Aug 2007

The drive has over three months warranty left. The fault has to be in the drive if it's operating at the slower speed on multiple PCs.

  Declanworld 21:45 27 Aug 2007

Reply from Amazon:

"If an item is found to be defective after the 30-day time frame, we do suggest contacting the manufacturer to try and resolve the issue, as they are in a better position to provide additional support services for their specific products. We recommend consulting the manual that came with the package for warranty and service information."

  Stuartli 23:31 27 Aug 2007

If you have had the drive 18 months and there is "over three months' warranty left", then something is not quite right.

Over 21 months doesn't equal a two year warranty.

If it is "operating at the slower speed on multiple PCs" then they may not be equipped/upgraded to handle USB2.0.

In your own words: "It has always worked at full speed both at home and work."

  Declanworld 23:36 27 Aug 2007

Thanks Stuart.

I'm sorry - I meant 21 months; the warranty expires on 9 Dec 2007.

All our drives are USB 2.0 enabled.

  Stuartli 10:10 28 Aug 2007

Then it must be 20 months into the warranty...:-)

  Declanworld 17:06 28 Aug 2007

It mustn't really.

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