Amazon price's

  Dragon_Heart 20:59 12 Apr 2012

Ever use ?

Next time you place an order try this :-

Go back to Amazon site a few hours or days later and recheck the price of your ordered item against what you paid ! Has it changed ?

Also I looked at an item on Amazon ( about £140 ) then checked the sellers own web site for same item …. £13 cheaper and yes both prices included p & p

  iscanut 21:43 12 Apr 2012

Most of us in the UK will use ( I presume ) Prices change all the time, sometimes to one's advantage other times not ! I keep items not yet ordered on a wish list and regularly check the prices and quite often they will change up or down. Although excellent, Amazon are not always the cheapest.

  spuds 23:45 12 Apr 2012

Have a look at the Amazon MarketPlace. Prices can change frequently, depending on seller, and perhaps more so with cd's and dvd's.

  birdface 08:40 13 Apr 2012

Cant fault their service.

Ordered 4 things late Friday night[bank Holiday]to be delivered using free post.,They arrived first thing Tuesday morning.

I have bought cheaper from Amazon by searching the internet and opening Amazon up from the different adds,And managed to get my Camera £10 cheaper that way.

  Pine Man 10:53 13 Apr 2012

Several times I have noticed that prices have increased on Amazon UKs marketplace after purchase but never go down.

As far as I am concerned it is irrelevant if a price goes up or down after you have purchased it. You see an item offered at a price you like so you buy it - end of story surely.

I have just bought some software off in the US, which is shipped to the UK by DHL and takes about 5 days and there is even provision for it to be returned!

  BT 12:24 13 Apr 2012

And don't forget to go to Amazon via the Nectar site and get your points. Every little helps!

Amazons Credit Card is also worth looking at. Quite a long interest free period and Amazon Points as well.

  Starfox 18:35 13 Apr 2012

Whilst I can't fault Amazon I have noticed that with some of the market place items that I have put in my wish list when I check back a few days later they are often offered at a lower price.

  interzone55 08:30 14 Apr 2012

In the cut throat world of internet retailing prices change often.

Remember that many of the items in the Amazon Marketplace will be sourced from either the Far East or within the Euro Zone, so the Sterling price will be subject to fluctuations in exchange rate

  birdface 08:42 14 Apr 2012


The bad side to it is they have One of those off shore accounts which either limits the amount of tax they pay in the UK or they don't pay tax In the UK.I believe Ladbrokes are the same if you are going to have a bet on the Grand National today.

  birdface 08:59 14 Apr 2012

Oops.I hope I got that right about the off shore accounts.Read it somewhere during the week and cannot find it now.

  Pine Man 09:08 14 Apr 2012


Amazon UK are 'based' in Luxembourg with the UK being their distribution centre thereby avoiding UK tax.

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