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  Border View 10:44 30 Jul 2012

Last week I followed a link supplied by buteman to Amazon where for sale at £8.50 was Malwarebyte Retail - PRO (CD-ROM) Windows 7/Windows XP etc.

I am possitive buteman posted the link in all good faith. The link now leads to an alternative seller and the cost is £23 odd.

The software was from PC Supplies a member of Amazon's Market Place. OK I know it was cheap at £8.50 but I thought it was a bargain and ordered and paid for it, also in good faith.

The software arrived on Saturday morning and I had my doubts. The invoice stated Malwarebyte UK Retail PRO Lifetime but what actually came appears to be the retail version of the downloadable Malwarebytes. Please correct me if I am wrong. The disc is dated 2009, the packaging 2010. Its called PROTECT Detect & Remove Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. No mention of PRO Lifetime.

I tried to install it but when I came to update, I received an Error Code and it would not update. I uninstalled using Revo.

When I went into Amazon's returns procedure, I received an e-mail from PC Supplies staff member Mark saying he was away on holiday until 7th August and to telephone the office if urgent. Telephone call this morning was unanswered.

I wonder if anyone else has bought this bargain for £8.50 and received the incorrect disc.

I suppose I now have to wait until 7th August to follow up on PC Supplies returns procedure and try to get a refund.

I would welcome your comments and advice please.

  spuds 11:09 30 Jul 2012

Amazon MarketPlace sellers are not Amazon, and Amazon have a rule that you should try to get redress from the seller, before Amazon becomes involved. Amazon will not refund, but usually contact the seller on your behalf.

eBay have a total different way of dealing with disputes.

There are quite a number of people using the title of PC Supplies, so taking into consideration what you have stated, perhaps this is a one-person band outfit, hence telephone unanswered and away on holiday.

The problem with buying these cheap software offers, is that they are usually items that should have been supplied with a machine, clearance or copies.

Sorry that I cannot offer further advice, but it looks like waiting for a response from the seller. At least your email would be available from Amazon and your account, if the seller doesn't resolve the issues.

  Border View 11:16 30 Jul 2012

Thanks for responding spuds. I have never had problems with Amazon themselves, wont use the market place in future.

  birdface 12:06 30 Jul 2012


It was the correct post I got one myself and it was delivered on Friday or Saturday.

It did say that there were only 3 available once I bought mine so would imagine that they were all sold.

After reading your post properly you had one delivered on Saturday.

my daughter had the free version installed and I just added the keycode to the PRO version on saturday and it updated with no problems.

Just had a look did you install the ID and keycode that you got..

Never mind the disc just download the latest version of MalwareBytes from the Internet and add the keycode and ID it is included in the box on a white card.

  Border View 16:28 30 Jul 2012

Hello buteman, no I didn't install the Activation code. I've just now found the white card which you refer to.

Will have a go downloading the free version. Are you saying that by adding this Activation code it will upgrade the free version to the PRO version?

  Border View 16:58 30 Jul 2012

I went on to Malwarebytes web site and down loaded the free version of Malwarebyte PRO then used the activation code.

Am pleased to report that all went well and all installed as it should.

Thanks for the advice buteman. I shall now tick as resolved and e-mail Amazon and supplier accordingly.

  birdface 17:09 30 Jul 2012


The white card just looked like something that was placed in the box to make it more sturdy.

I new there had to be a keycode in there somewhere and found it on the back of the card.

So an easy mistake to make.Glad that you got it sorted.

  Border View 20:06 30 Jul 2012

Many thanks for your help buteman.

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