Amazon Market Place or Ebay?

  civvy 09:04 13 Jul 2009


I am looking at buying a new ASRock Ion 330 PC.

The cheapest seller I can find sells on both Amazon Market Place and Ebay. I have not used either of these in the past. In terms of consumer rights and safeguards, and customer services etc, is one better than the other, or are they much of a muchness.


  dagnammit 09:09 13 Jul 2009

How much cheaper? I wouldn't normally use such places for high value items to be honest.

  dagnammit 09:09 13 Jul 2009

But yeah, I would endorse Amazon quicker than ebay.

  civvy 09:19 13 Jul 2009

Thanks for both your comments.

It's about £20-30 cheaper on Amazon Market Place and Ebay. The trouble is the ASRock Ion only seems to be sold by smaller companies, none of the big retailers that I tend trust (Amaxon, John Lewis etc). I've looked a few reviews of some of the smaller companies that sell it and their CS seems dreadful, although I appreciate you can't totally rely on reviews.

I have used Amazon many times before and agree that there CS is second to none. I just wondered whether this good service extends to Amazon Market Place.

BTw, the company seeling the ASRock on amazon/ebay is Envizage Solutions. There feedback seems very good. Anybody had a dealings with them in the past.


  OTT_Buzzard 09:58 13 Jul 2009

I've never used either of these compaies, but worth have a look:

click here

click here

  civvy 10:09 13 Jul 2009

OTT and Marg - Thanks for your comments and links.

OTT - I had a look at some reviews for eclipse. On CIAO they had one and a half stars from 85 reviews. Many of the reviews told a shockingly bad story. Doesn't feel me with confidence.

Envizage seem to have the best feedback.


  Snec 10:57 13 Jul 2009

Yes, I've bought a few things from Envisage, mainly external drives and caddys. I have not had cause to test their customer service as I have had no problems with what I've bought.

Well packaged, quick delivery and fair prices is my experience of Envisage.

BTW, I first dealt with them thru ebay but went direct from then on.

  interzone55 11:20 13 Jul 2009

Amazon are pretty good at keeping Market Place sellers in line.

I've bought loads of 2nd hand books from there and whenever there's been a problem I've had a refund pretty quickly...

  civvy 19:59 19 Jul 2009

I have another couple of questions re Amazon Market Place. Hope someone can help.

If you purchase something from Amazon Market Place is your conract with Amazon or with the seller?

I read somwhere that according to BBC R4 Moneybox your normal credit card protection is not valid if you use Amazon Market Place. Anybody else heard of this? Is it correct?


  spuds 22:33 19 Jul 2009

Your contract is with the seller, but Amazon will help in resolving problems. With regards to payment, Amazon are the servicing agent, so you would need to contact them, similar to that of eBay/PayPal arrangements. Fraud would or should be covered by your credit card provider.

On a personal note, I have had many purchases via the Amazon Market Place, and on all ocassions I have had very good results from all the sellers that I have done business with. In fact, on two occasions, the sellers had a problem with cd's that I wanted and paid for, and the sellers returned my money instantly, and gave me similar free replacements from a list of their stock as a goodwill gesture. I do not think that you can ask for anything better than that for customer service.

  dagnammit 12:10 20 Jul 2009

From what I've been reading Amazon are quite hard on their sellers. Keeping their money for up to 90 days if they see the need. Maybe that's why your seller went out of their way not to upset you.

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