Amazon DVD rentals

  Meng 10:27 05 Jan 2005

Amazon are now renting out DVDs. see their website.
They are charging £7.99 for 4 rentals (max 2 out at any time)a month and £9.99 for 6( max 3 out a time). They run the same system as other on-line DVD rentals i.e. No late fees and all DVDs sent by post.
Wonder anyone has had any experience as how efficient their service is? and do they have sufficient stocks to get the DVDs one wants?

  Stuartli 11:46 05 Jan 2005

>>do they have sufficient stocks to get the DVDs one wants?>>

The rental facility was annouced a little while back.

No experience of the service yet, but I'm sure they could raid the retail section if they are short of a particular title..:-)

  rickf 14:26 05 Jan 2005

Yes! I am a subscriber and the service is extremely efficient. They seem to have a special arrangement with the PO. The turn around from returning to recieving new rentals is as quick as 3 days. With the Post Box just outside my house, this has become an invaluable service to me.

  rickf 15:36 05 Jan 2005

Just to add that this rental is particularly interesting for me because it has lots of music concert DVDs which is an interest of mine that I can't find anywhere else on rental. BTW, they do have lots of films too and you could always select it on reserve if it is not available at the time of rental and change the order of your rental list which seems very efficient.The best thing for me is that the service is very very quick!

  Stuartli 17:46 05 Jan 2005

Apart from the fact that it was a tongue in cheek comment, how do you work out your reasoning?

I don't use my local DVD rental outlet (only just got a DVD player) but the local library charges £1.20 for a week's rental and they are in exactly the same retail packs as those on Tesco's shelves.

Only difference is the area to put the return by date stamp.

  blanco 18:55 05 Jan 2005

I've just had the first month's worth and it compares reasonably with Blockbuster and Movietrak for service.
One return has failed to reach them so far but they accept this without a murmur.
The one thing to watch is that they count each disk rather than the actual film so that if it's an edition with two disks (special features etc) this counts as two rentals as opposed to those companies mentioned above.
You can, however, remove any disk from your wish list so as to avoid the extra one.
The price is good so I'm going to give it a few months and make a judgement then.

  chugby 21:02 05 Jan 2005

started to use Tesco's dvd rental service recently (sourced by Video Island). Noticed a lack of recent releases being available now that my free trial over but otherwise good service and prompt delivery. Stuartli, my local library charges £2.50 a throw for dvd rental, capitalists!!

  Meng 21:52 05 Jan 2005

I am going to give it a go.
Signed up yesterday and had email that they have sent out 3 DVDs today!!

  Stuartli 15:01 06 Jan 2005

I take your point - although I've a DVD-ROM drive I've never bothered to watch DVDs on it, but got a DVD player for Christmas.

Looking at one of my retail pack DVDs (another present) I presume then that you don't lend your DVDs to friends...:-)

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