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  pj123 15:30 11 Feb 2008

Is this deliberate?

I pay for “unlimited DVD rentals” (£8.49) on Amazon.

As I am retired I receive a DVD and watch it the same day. I post it back to Amazon the next day.

After about 3 days, I get an acknowledgement that my DVD has been received and the next one on my list will be posted out immediately.

I get it the following day?

How come it takes 1 day for me to receive a DVD from them but it takes 3 days for them to receive a DVD from me.

Before I went “unlimited” I was paying for 4 DVDs per month at a rate of £6.99 and got all 4.

I am now paying £8.49 for unlimited but still can’t get more than 4 per month?

  lofty29 15:46 11 Feb 2008

Sound like a similar situation to BB upto 2mb or bb upto 8mb, but you still only get about 500k

  anskyber 16:22 11 Feb 2008

Interesting, I say that because since Amazon changed their pricing framework my experience has been the service has altered. Prior to the "unlimited" offer the turn around was rapid, afterwards it has slowed up mostly around the time it takes them to record a received item.

In fact the 4 a month in the previous regime was slightly cheaper but the unlimited appears more attractive unless of course you only get 4!

If you check your rental list you will find as I did the following.

"We are delighted to let you know that LoveFilm will acquire Amazon's DVD rental business, and that we will now also become a shareholder of LoveFilm, subject to regulatory approval. For the moment, you don't have to do anything; you'll continue to receive our great service as usual.”

Well there you go.

  oresome 16:31 11 Feb 2008

Seems a good business model! Make more money by being lethargic.

  silverous 16:47 11 Feb 2008

I'm with Tesco and sometimes I sent a DVD back, they must get it next day and send one out next day. Quite often in fact. Haven't noticed much in the way of delay. I've noticed they've switched to 2nd class paid postage for their return envelopes these days which probably helps keep the number of disks being borrowed down a little per month.

  bstb3 16:50 11 Feb 2008

In general, in any modern organised warehousing operation (which this effectively is) it is much easier to despatch than receive goods. The order can be processed electronically, invoice / despatch note printed, envelope labelled, product picked and despatched almost entirely automatically.

Returns however, even when expected as in this case, require human intervention to make sure what has been returned is correct, in proper condition. In some instances paperwork will not be returned with the goods etc adding time to processes.

This necessarily means the returns process is more labor intensive and if sufficient resource isnt put into it (often the case when there are low profit margins), it will take longer than despatch. I would suggest that is the case here. However if the whole process means you cannot effectively receive more than 4 per month then the unlimited rental is a fundamentally broken business offering.

  pj123 13:39 12 Feb 2008

anskyber, just checked my rental list and can't find anything about Lovefilm.

Where did you get that from?

Wonder why they are "delighted" We are delighted to let you know that LoveFilm will acquire Amazon's DVD rental business.

  anskyber 14:00 12 Feb 2008

It was a banner above the rental list which I see has now disappeared.

  anskyber 14:01 12 Feb 2008
  pj123 15:30 12 Feb 2008

anskyber, thanks for the link

If that is true then it is time to end my account with Amazon and try somewhere else.

  anskyber 15:59 12 Feb 2008

a number are powered by Lovefilm eg Tesco. click here

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