Amazon and Al Qaeda ........

  Technotiger 10:45 22 Jun 2008

I have previously bought loads of items via Amazon, however I have learned that Amazon are offering for sale the Al Qaeda Training Manual. I have today cancelled my account with Amazon and have told Amazon that I will not renew my account until this Manual is withdrawn from sale!

I was a serving member of HM Forces for 21 years .. enough said??

  day2strike 11:11 22 Jun 2008

It cant be that in depth if Amazon are selling it!
It's probably a spoof or a manual with most classified material missing from it!!

It will find it's way into the wider reading material of those on current operations & by the head shed boys too.

  Technotiger 11:17 22 Jun 2008

According to todays' national press, it is very much in-depth!

But whether in-depth or not, I shall not be using Amazon again unless this item is withdrawn from sale.

  birdface 11:25 22 Jun 2008

This chap was not so lucky.If you can buy it from Amazon how can you jailed for having here I am not a reader myself but I would think that to understand fully how Al Qaeda works you would have to try and understand their thoughts.This way you may get a step ahead of them and guess what they will do next.And maybe be able to stop them in the future.Should it be sold.I have to agree with you and say No.

  spuds 13:27 22 Jun 2008

Whether Amazon or anyone else should sell or publish things of this nature, is one of lives unknown journeys nowadays.

The WWW brought a very large mass of unsavoury subjects to the general public eyes, and some of this is open to whether authorities should allow it or not, if and when found. You want to make a bomb, see an execution, or learn how a terrorist is perhaps trained, then a few simple clicks of a keyboard will provide a quick and easy possible result.

  wee eddie 14:55 22 Jun 2008

Amazon keeps a record of all those that buy a copy!

  Technotiger 15:41 22 Jun 2008

I will still not support Amazon while they sell such Filth! I cannot do anything about other sources from where this rubbish is obtainable, but I can show my distaste about Amazon making money in this way! Well Amazon will not make any more money from me.

  sunny staines 17:45 22 Jun 2008

perhaps it a deliberate ploy by security services to collate those buying.

  day2strike 17:51 22 Jun 2008

Hmmmm i wonder if they do pass on the buyers data?
If it's the USA site they may have to under Fedral Law?

  hugh144 18:23 22 Jun 2008

Just cdhecked on Amazon and it's 'out of stock'!

  Forum Editor 18:43 22 Jun 2008

about Al Qaeda on the Amazon list, including this so-called training manual. It isn't a training manual at all, it's a book that outlines Al Qaeda's aims, and describes methods that might be used to achieve them. Everything that's in it is freely and widely available on the internet.

I'm of the opinion that it's better to allow people access to books rather than forbid them. Ban a book and you increase its desirability tenfold overnight.

Amazon should - and I believe will - continue to sell this book, and by doing so they will do no harm to a living soul.

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