ol blueeyes 13:18 24 Sep 2009

I recently had to get a new debit Card due to the fact that my Bank had noticed some fradulent entries on my Account (ie: 5 identical withdrawals on the same day for Identical amounts.)They are sending me a claim form to reclaim the monies.

So when i got a New Debit card I wanted to change the Card Details on my Amazon Site because of the impending Payment for Windows 7. However after a lot tooing and frowing Amazon tell me that there are 2 Accounts held by them using my E:Mail Address but not my name. The names they gave me were completely unknown. There was not one using my name and I had nothing order.

Obviously I am taking it up with them in a very robust manner.

I am also checking with all other Companies that I hold accounts with.

just shows you can never be too careful or too vigilant.

These thing happen without you doing anything.

  Clapton is God 13:47 24 Sep 2009

"just shows you can never be too careful or too vigilant"

But how vigilant were you?

You tell us that your "Bank had noticed some fradulent entries on my Account".

Why hadn't you noticed these 5 entries yourself?

  ol blueeyes 13:54 24 Sep 2009

Extremely Vigilant They told the SAME Day it occured infact within 2 Hours
I like everyone else do not read my Bank Account online 24 Hours a Day.
But I do and always have looked at it twice a day.


  ol blueeyes 13:59 24 Sep 2009

If I am going to be criticised in future any warnings I might have I shall keep to myself.
And you can find out the Hard Way

  Spark6 15:23 24 Sep 2009

Please take this as an observation and not a criticism. How were the cash withdrawals made? Was your pin number required to make the withdrawals, and if so, Amazon and its employees would not know it.

Regarding Amazon having accounts registered at your address but not in your name, presumably using your debit card details, I would suggest you involve not only your bank, but the police.

Personally, I find a credit card with a minimal amount of credit is the safest for on-line purchases.

  ol blueeyes 15:36 24 Sep 2009

Sorry I unwittenly misled you. It wasn't Amazon who took the Money but ""Irish Auto Trader" and as the Bank told me they must have somehow got hold of the 3 digit security No.

No Amazon is a seperate issue where they have multiple accounts using my E:Mail address but neither of them are me.
ie: same E:Mail Address but different user name.
I cannot understand how my ISP let this happen.
I am certainly taking it up with them
Thanks for your comments
I had already decided that in future I shall not use my Debit Card for anything infact I am going to ask mmy Bank to block ALL Debit Card Transactions.
I shall use my Credit Card instead
As to involving the Police I will consider this after i get a response from my ISP

Thanks again

  Snec 21:40 24 Sep 2009

Sorry to ask, but I must be missing something obvious here.... what has this got to do with your ISP?

  ol blueeyes 22:27 24 Sep 2009


Surely they should only have one person holding any particular E:Mail address. I have raised this with my ISP and they are investigating

  [email protected] 02:18 26 Sep 2009

It is only possible to have one person (or one mailbox rather) per e-mail address, otherwise each person would also receive the other person's mail as there would be no way to distinguishing whose mail is whose. I suspect your situation is the result of identity fraud, rather than an e-mail address problem with your ISP.

  ened 08:09 26 Sep 2009

When you place an order with Amazon they automatically email you about the order.

It doesn't sound like a very clever way of attempting a fraud because as soon as you receive the order details you would be bound to query it!!!

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