Am I in the wrong here

  erkmatrix 17:57 24 Nov 2004

I did post a while back about my experience with a company called Easy Corp who have a website click here and have offices in London and Manchester.

Well I payed them to open up a
personal American Bank account
EIN number application and
Incorporate a company in the US

well they seemed OK I did research and now I'm having trouble with them. They asked me in order to open up the bank account to provide.

- bank reference
- passport
- driving license
- utility bill
- w8ben

Well I contacted my bank for a bank reference and they say that the only way I can get a reference is have the company write to them and request it, I can't myself get a reference to give them by fax.

So I emailed Easy Corp this and they say "this is not our duty to contact the banks to get a bank reference! We have received hundreds of bank references from clients banking with HSBC. It is the first time that I listen such things."

Which I'm only saying what HSBC told me, so I said then to them oh you can phone Jo at the branch of HSBC I'm at to verify this is their procedure in giving out bank references.
They reply again saying that instead I can fax my last 3 bank statements to them instead of the reference.

Well I'd just prefer them to ask for a reference from my bank than faxing documents with my bank account on them and didn't see why this was a problem. this is the email I got back.

"do you speak english?

because that is not our job to call your bank.
this is your duty to provide us with the required documentation, that is not ours.

i will not answer anymore about that point."

Now am I in wrong here, I want to get my money back off this company as its no way to speak to a customer, but have already paid £500 now by credit card.

Anyone have any advice in what I should do. Is it safe sending bank statements by fax or not recommended, I'm just trying to be cafeful cause you hear so much about fraud and get spoke to like that.


  jimv7 18:07 24 Nov 2004

Contact your credit card company and ask them to sort your refund out.

  Starfox 18:10 24 Nov 2004

There is something very wrong here,at the very least replies like that are unproffesional.They are treating you as some kind of idiot(no offence)or could this be some kind of scam.Reading your posting I think they are the ones who don't speak english.

  spuds 19:17 24 Nov 2004

You were adviced on your previous post about the 'strangeness' of the way the company made prior requests.Contact phone numbers, including a freephone number were supplied, so you could have a talk with someone about concerns raised. You chose not to do this.

My advice:Contact your credit card company asap and seek their advice, before further problems arise.

Sorry to sound a little abrupt, but it is a case of Buyer Beware.

  wee eddie 22:06 24 Nov 2004

This is the previous posting.

click here

  wee eddie 22:11 24 Nov 2004

backed by all the rest of the information you appear to have sent.

I would start swift consultations with any financial institutions that you have any business.

They now have sufficient of your profile to access most anything. I hope you didn't fax your birth certificate as well.

  Sapins 22:17 24 Nov 2004

_*Take the advice to contact you credit card issuer_*.

Do not send any further information to this organisation, I have seen better English in the Nigerian scam!

  It's Me 22:29 24 Nov 2004

For goodness sake. Banks and other proper institutions just do not act this way whereever they are based.

  Sapins 22:37 24 Nov 2004

There's a funny smell coming from somewhere;-)

I know the clock is playing up but has someone altered the date?

  erkmatrix 23:51 24 Nov 2004

Hi sorry havn't been on to explain abit more, No I havn't sent off anything like Birth Certificate or the three number on the credit card, I did query that with them and they explained that it was for countries such as Nigeria and countries with high fraud other than England and wasn't needed.

I contacted trading standards in Manchester, London and the one near me and nothing has been on there books about this company I also got in touch with a American trading standards company that put me on to the Better Business Bureau click here and in the search engine but in there company name Metropole News Group in America where they have offices to and it comes up with that they are ok and no complaints so I take it they are legit. But just find they customer service a joke , talking to someone like that who wasn't really being awkward for the sake of it. I know with 9/11 that opening a American Bank account has alot of security checks and also for money laudering so can understand them wanted certain things, but its the way they spoke in the email that has gotten me.
I have had official form also about the incorporaion from State of Delaware secretary of state to say my company has been formed, and I also had to fill in called 'operating_agreement', 'bylaws' and 'board_of_directors'. Apparantly under Delaware law these documents are required.

All looked official documents and they seem to know there stuff for it to be a scam, but I'm no expert, if it was a scam wouldn't they have been other complaints and would they still be around after trading since 1998.
I know from asking a while back that opening a bank account in America is very hard to do without going over there in person as I spoke to my HSBC bank business advisor. So can understand them wanting references, just can't see why asking my bank would be so difficult for them to do.



  wee eddie 00:14 25 Nov 2004

that you need such an account.

If you are going to do business in the US of A. I would suggest that your own bank will have an American associate, as a first port of call.

If you are starting a Company in the USA, you should give some of your money to me. I have been in business since 1980, and have an in depth knowledge of american customs

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