Am I Getting 8MB ?

  mothercat 14:08 12 May 2007

I have an account with Virgin (was NTL) for my 8MB cable Broadband Connection £25 a month! I don't do music or games etc. only use it to view financial charts a few times a day so I'm no expert on broadband speeds etc. But just now I decided to download the new Firefox 2 email prog. and it was like watching the pervial paint drying!The download speed!! if thats what it is? oscillated between 8kb/sec and 12kb/sec so an average of 10kb/sec. Took about 10 min to download Firefox's 5MB prog. Seems a tad slow to me! or am I expecting too much?


  The Kestrel 14:12 12 May 2007

With an 8MB connection you should download much, much faster than that. Try this speed test click here on your PC, make sure no other programs are running when you do the test, and see what results you get.

  pj123 16:53 12 May 2007

mothercat, £25 per month is only "up to 4mb"

I am on the same tariff and getting silly download speeds.

I had a Virgin Technician in today but to see more into to this try this previous thread.

click here

they still quote "up to" so if you only get 1KB/Sec it is still within the limits.

The Kestrel, Speed tests are not much good they don't last long enough to get the whole picture.
You need a real download of at least 10mb to get a real download speed.

  mothercat 18:43 12 May 2007

Kestrel Hi, I tried that test but the results did not mean much to me!don't know if its fast or slow! Need a benchmark to compare. But thanks.

PJ 123 Hi,
Again I'm not sure but I thought NTL offered me an upgrade from 4MB to 8MB and I expect there was a financial cost to me. It may be that I am paying more than £25 per m. I'll have to check my direct debit! Anyway as you say, what a get out--up to !! How about if we made our 'direct debits' to read -Up To £25!! I wrote to Virgin a week or so ago with a list of complaints and waiting for them to get back to me.

  The Kestrel 23:13 12 May 2007

I am on a 2MB connection and get download speeds between 1800 & 1900 kbps. Upload speed is around 240 to 245 kbps. Yours at either 4 or 8MB should be significantly faster than mine.

  tammer 12:01 13 May 2007

In my experience, download speeds can also be limited by the source of the download. For example, some sites allow you to download files very quickly but others are very slow.

I have Virgin Media BB and check the speed on - and it's pretty close to the expected speed at all times.

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