Am I Entitled To A Software Purchase Refund?

  Jnr 12:39 13 May 2004

Hi peeps, I purchased two Symantic software titles from online site Worthydeal.
click here

Norton SystemWorks Professional 2003
Norton Internet Security 2003

Although I can sucessfully install both programs, neither will connect to the Symantic website for updates or registration (Error code LU1814). I have visited Symantics fully automated site & followed the instructions for 'clean' installing & 'full' removal of their products to the letter & still no joy.

Pete from the Worthydeal site offered helpful advice (although I'd already covered it all) & finished by advising a total reinstall of my Win XP operating system & all my software to see if that solved the Symantic problem.

I don't think I should have to go to such extreme measures just to install a program & have decided I'd prefer a refund so I can buy a different security suite that's more user friendly & stable (I currently use Norman Anti-Virus & Zone Alarm Firewall & have never had a problem with them).

My question is can I ask for a refund as the software hasn't been registered (I paid by credit card) or failing a full refund, can I change the titles to something else.

I will say that Pete from the Worthydeal site has been great & the overall level of service from the site is excellent (cheap next day delivery) I'm simply unhappy with the Symantics products I purchased for that reasons stated.

Thanks in advance for reading this.


  byfordr 13:01 13 May 2004

I have ordered from Worthydeal twice now, one the order came the next day. And more recently was slightly delayed because of the bank holiday (they did mention it on their site) Not had any problems registering the symantec software purchased there.

I have had problems recently with a highstreet bought copy of Systemworks. The live update stopped working, and I couldn't get it started again. In the end I thought a nice clean install of Window would do the trick (I needed to do it anyway) It installed ok, but faltered on the registration process. Funny because it was installed on the same machine and I don't have it installed elsewhere.

There are a few useful bits from the email from symantec support. [email protected] (no space after the @)

Have a whinge on their website >Web URL: click here

In your message you wrote:
>Windows XP 5.1.2600 Service Pack 1 Common Client Core 1.0.2 LiveUpdate was not able to complete
this update.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you and thank you for your

Richard, I understand your concerns. This issue could be due to corrupt files in LiveUpdate
program. To resolve this issue, please refer to the document provided in the link below and completely
follow the steps:

Title: 'Errors when installing the Symantec Common Client program update via LiveUpdate'
Document ID: 2003070306192806
>Web URL:
click here

Have you asked Worthydeal for a refund or credit note? They always seem very helpful.


  Jnr 17:25 13 May 2004

I've already completed those steps & reinstalled (three times just to be sure), the programs just don't seem to be stable or reliable enough under Win XP for my liking. A credit note or a refund would be great, I think that's the course I'll take as I'm not impressed with Norton 2003's compatability with XP.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:17 13 May 2004

As has been written many times on here, there is never any need for a home user to purchase a firewall or AV.

'the programs just don't seem to be stable or reliable enough under Win XP for my liking.'....does that mean they work? If not what is going wrong?


  Chris the Ancient 19:12 13 May 2004

Do you have an ad munching program?

I found, the hard way, that Live Update etc. couldn't get past it.

I also found that ZoneAlarm can upset it.

Have you tried ensuring that there are no other programs other than windows running while you live update?

  961 19:35 13 May 2004 munching....

don't you just love it?

  Jnr 20:20 13 May 2004

The programs install normally, they won't connect to the Symantic website for updating or registration (error LU1814). Prior to installing, I uninstalled my firewall (Zone Alarm), double checked that the inbuilt XP firewall was deactivated, uninstalled my virus-checker (Norman) and uninstalled the Google toolbar.
I've had a good bit of experience with os's & programs (although I'm no expert) & think I did all that was necessary for any program to safely install. I also tried installing & reinstalling according to Symantic's website instructions & still no joy.
I've six years experience in software problem solving (what I can't fix I learn how to via the web) so what chance has the average point & click user got with a situation like this?

  961 09:27 14 May 2004

Knowing how totally infuriating this sort of thing can be, perhaps I can offer a practical suggestion

First, your chances of getting round the terms of the software license are about as high as you winning a trip on the next lottery ticket you buy. Write a very nice letter to the supplier and express your total inability to get the stuff to work, and ask if he will consider some sort of credit note against a future purchase

Second, download the (free) Avast virus checker. It works fine with my Windows xp, is completely automatic and does not cause any difficulty with the Zone Alarm it runs alongside. Just make sure you un-install all the Symantec stuff first

  Jnr 14:47 14 May 2004

As the above mentioned Symantic software runs on many other XP systems the only conclusion that can be reached is that maybe the software is incompatible with one or more of the operating programs on my HP ZE5416EA Laptop.
I have therefore returned to my previous configuration (the old analogy 'If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It' springs to mind). The WorthyDeal site have offered a refund (minus costs) or a credit-note for the full purchase price of the software (I've accepted the credit-note).

The service received from the WorthyDeal company click here has been exemplary & I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their site to others. Excellent offers, excellent communication throughout your purchase and most of all, excellent customer service. Definitely 5 Star!

  Djohn 16:35 14 May 2004

Excellent result and well done "WorthyDeal" you set a very good example to others. j.

  961 17:40 14 May 2004


Worthy Deal have done themselves a good bit of business today

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