Almost got myself thrown out of PCWorld.

  Pooke 17:11 03 Sep 2005

The other day I was wasting a half hour of my lunch in PCW, it's across the way from where I work. Was looking in the reduced section and came across such things as ink cartridges that had been used and brought back, cd holders where the doors had been broken.

Anyway came across a big pile of bluetooth adaptors. Asked how much? Told they where £20 with 20% making them £16. Told at the till by another guy "nope, no discount they where put there by mistake".

Out I go of course not buying the item.

In today for a small pack of paper, The guy in front of me had packs of 10 dvd covers priced at £7.99 and a sticker on them saying 3 packs for the price of 2. The till operator tells him the offer is now off. This is where I jumped in and told the customer the store I work in is selling them at 5 covers for a pound.

The till operator says in a serious tone "I should throw you out for that". I put the paper down and walked out.

3 sales lost due to incompetance and rudeness.


  bremner 17:18 03 Sep 2005

I have bought many things at PCW but I always go expecting the worse.

That way when they give a good service I am surprised and delighted and when the service is poor it is only what I expected.

  spuds 17:54 03 Sep 2005

I browse and on most occasion buy something on my weekly PCW treat visit.Over the period of years, there as been a large number of management changes in that time, and I have always stated that the attitude of the staff depends on the manager and his requirements.[I say 'his'because I have never seen a female manager at the PCW that I use].Surly arrogant managers can lead to some staff adapting the same attitudes.

Pooke--Pity that you never asked for the reason why the till operator made that statement.Would have been very interesting.

  pj123 17:59 03 Sep 2005

'Almost got myself thrown out of PCWorld.'

I wouldn't even have gone in there in the first place.

  Forum Editor 18:16 03 Sep 2005

and although I've occasionally seen examples of staff members being a tad out of touch with their product ranges it's rare. I can't recall a single instance of rudeness.

I agree that management attitudes are crucial. In retailing a good manager is on the selling floor as much as possible. A friend of mine is the general manager of the largest Waitrose store in the UK (Canary wharf), and to see him at work is an education - he's on the selling floors throughout the day, and the staff know he's likely to appear without warning. The result is a very tight, efficient operation, and a popular manager. Staff respect managers who spend time at front of house - that's where the money's made.

PC World have the same problems as all big retailers - staff 'churn' being one. In technology retailing there's a special problem however, your staff need to be up to speed with their product knowledge, because with few exceptions your customers will need guidance.

  Pooke 18:22 03 Sep 2005

The only reason I do go back is because it's extremely handy. My other store that I buy from, mplex, is a good bit away from me. So I calculate the travel cost in with the price when comparing.


"Pooke--Pity that you never asked for the reason why the till operator made that statement.Would have been very interesting."

I can only guess, 'poaching' customers?

Thing is if the offer of the 3 for 2 on the dvd packs had been right the customer would have been through the tills by the time I got close enough to speak to him. It's their own fault I reckon.


  Pooke 18:30 03 Sep 2005

I didn't any technical advice or guidance. The only issue was with pricing and promotions being wrong.

Our store manager at work is constantly on the floor, actually doing the same things as the rest the staff and has a really good positive attitude.

The result, our sales are the biggest in the entire of the UK, beating all our other stores. I can also vouch for the rest of the staff in saying that everyone holds him high regard and has a tonne of respect for him.

PCW managers have alot to learn!


  stalion 19:49 03 Sep 2005

I went to pc world sometime back and remarked that they only had cd-r and no cd+r in stock to an employee working in their tech department,he replied, we have some coming in soon!!!

  BT 09:47 04 Sep 2005

Similar thing happened to us when we went to buy a laptop for my wife. We chose the one we wanted from the displays. When the time came to pay we were told the price was £100 more than the display card. The manager was called and after checking she came back and said the display card was wrong! We had a discussion about discounts but none was forthcoming. As we wanted the computer anyway we agreed to pay the extra. We were then asked if we wanted the extended warranty at the full price. I said I would consider it if there was a discount of at least the difference in the computer price and was offered just £20 off. Needless to say they lost the £200 for the extended warrenty which is where they get their commission from. The irony is that we had to invoke the 12 month warranty at 11 months and the computer had to be replaced!!

  Pooke 10:07 04 Sep 2005

They can't be making much money. Seems to me that they aren't even interested in small sales. Over the past week and a half I half spent just over £120 for small items. MMC card, bluetooth dongle, DVDs and paper, all of which I could have bought from them being the closest to me.

From now on I don't think I'll go back near them.


  josie mayhem 11:34 04 Sep 2005

I love there adverts on the telly, always seem to have a good deal... subject to avaiability of course...

In my area the availibility isn't hit and miss, is seems to be miss 100% of the time.. especialy when it comes to computers and laptops you can get a more expensive version, but never the one they've advertised on the telly.

I wonder what area and store did have this wonderful deal, somewhere in this country it must exsist, they can't be braking advertising rules big time can they? Does those little white words 'subject to availibity' allow them to hook our interest and real us in, only to find that it isn't there so we part with more money? weather the product actuly exsisted or not

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