allied carpets problems

  jonny_doe 18:50 22 May 2009

ordered some wood flooring on the 31st march..
i asked the sales lady that if there was any unopened flooring left would i get my money back.and i explained that the man that was fitting it was on holiday in australia.
she told me if we had there staff come and measure up then yes we could have our money back on any unopened boxes of wood we had there man come out and measure up.
the flooring arrived on 14th april.
the wood flooring was fitted on 19th may.
there was 1 box unopened i took it back and because id changed my debit card to platinum she couldnt put it back on the new card but put it back on my wife mastercard that wed paid the deposit on.but because it was early morning she couldnt get through to do it.
she told me to ring back next day.
my wife rung the next day and she told my wife we couldnt be repaid back. but we could have a creit note.we dont want a credit note we want our £32 back.
she said because wed had the wood over 30 days she didnt have to give us our money back.
is she correct?
any replies would be welcome thanks

  961 19:09 22 May 2009

Letter to managing director?

  Kevscar1 20:09 22 May 2009

read the terms and conditions on your invoice

  Forum Editor 00:01 23 May 2009

to make a refund on the unused part of your order. However...

You could argue - and in your position I would - that you relied upon the verbal agreement made by the company representative when making your decision to purchase, and that this agreement formed part of the contract between you and the seller. You are therefore entitled to demand of the company that it honours the terms of the agreement it entered into.

The problem comes when it refuses to do so - you are then faced with a choice; you either forget about it, or you take a small claims action against Allied Carpets. Personally I wouldn't have thought the cost of a pack of wood flooring was worth the trouble.

  jimv7 00:07 23 May 2009

Plus, if you keep the extra pack, you will have replacement flooring of that batch, colour and grain.

  jack 07:42 23 May 2009

Except for floors that is.
Did it once - never again- but with the bits left over made many useful items such as remote caddy, a tray for the Shower light to sit between rafters, a cutting board

Sorry I guess you really did not want to read this on a bright Saturday Morning 8-}

  JanetO 09:31 23 May 2009

The problem arose because you changed the card which you'd originally paid with. All retailers use the original card to make any credits at a later stage. She helpfully tried to credit on another card but the transaction couldn't go through. Personally I think she tried hard to help and her only alternative was to give you a credit note.

But good luck anyway.

  jonny_doe 12:32 23 May 2009

im ring today ill keep you informed.
thanks for your replies

  jonny_doe 18:32 24 May 2009

after a conversation ive been promised a refund thankyou for all your replies

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