Beas-Knees 20:16 05 Feb 2005

Does anyone have any idea how i stand with this situation,3 weeks ago we were in Allders looking at beds and decided on a particular bed which had to be ordered,We were told that they couldn't accept just a deposit and that the bed had to be paid for in full (£600),I paid with my switch card and was promised a delivery date of 07/04/2005 (this coming monday).When i read in the papers that they (Allders) had gone into administration i wondered whether i had waved goodbye to my money,I have struggled to get any sense from the store as they keep telling me different stories, firstly saying that we would get the bed but that it would take a week longer than first promised and then yesterday ringing up to say that the bed would have to be re-ordered and would take another 5 weeks,as my wife was off work she visited the store and came to an agreement with the salesman to accept the bed that they had on show, delivery was arranged for monday as originally promised, however later in the afternoon he rang back and said that the administrator would not allow us to have the stock bed and that we would have to wait the additional 5 weeks that he had mentioned earlier,At this point i said i would have my money back and take my business elsewhere but he said that giving me a refund was not an option, I have tried in vain to speak to the administrator in store to no avail but wondered what my rights were for when i finally track him down.

  spuds 20:57 05 Feb 2005

At present your are or should be on a list as a creditor. Kroll who are the administrators of the business, are in contact with a number of potential buyers at this minute, so the store may or may not be saved.This doesn't necessarily mean that any new potential buyer's will honour all Allders debts. Paying by switch card as left you in a void at the present time. Had you paid by credit card,then you would have had some protection via Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, and the credit card company would have had 'equal liability'to help resolve the issue.

I would suggest,that you either phone or visit the store and ask for Kroll's contact details. You should then be able to have a direct information line available to you.Some items like carpets were sold by arrangement with other companies, beds may have a similar arrangement, so best to contact Kroll and find out, do not really on shop assistants, as they can only relay messages, and in some cases they are in the dark as much as you are.

  Forum Editor 00:15 06 Feb 2005

I assume that you mean 07/02/2005.

Follow the excellent advice given by spuds, and get in touch with Kroll.

  Beas-Knees 00:34 06 Feb 2005

Yes, sorry i did mean 07/02/2005. As stated I have been trying in vain to contact the adminisrator (Kroll). They are meant to have a representative in each store but trying to track him down is easier said than done.

  spuds 16:50 07 Feb 2005

These stores are deemed for closure London's Oxford Street,Bolton,Chelmsford,Horsham,Ipswich,Kingston,Leeds,Reading,Romford and York Clifton Moor.

If you live in the locality of any of those stores, then check if you have any goods outstanding, as it would now appear as though the former Allders Stores maybe broken up, with 35 stores remaining from a total of 45.

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