All of us here at PCA towers

  Forum Editor 21:54 07 Apr 2004

hope all of you have a great Easter.

Don't eat too many chocolate eggs (Cadburys mini eggs are my weakness), and don't forget to log-in from time to time, so I don't feel lonely.

  byfordr 21:57 07 Apr 2004

Happy easter, and don't eat too many wabbits either

  Gaz 25 22:17 07 Apr 2004

Thanks! You too.

Have a lovely Easter everyone!

  byfordr 22:21 07 Apr 2004

A quarter of the year waxed already!

  Djohn 22:40 07 Apr 2004

Happy easter to you FE and all at the towers! j.

  Smiler 17:43 08 Apr 2004

Happy Easter FE and all at PCA towers. Keep up the good work we'll be thinking of you while we sun our selves LOL :-))

  only me 18:57 08 Apr 2004

if i have problems i will shut down comp and go on my wifes one, if i have one on that, will leave till Tuesday? give you a rest. HAPPY EASTER

  georgemac 19:29 08 Apr 2004

I'll be having a PC free weekend - off to London for a show, now will she let me into an internet cafe? I doubt it, mind you there are plenty of other interesting things to do, will manage without it for 1 weekend!

Have a nice break everyone, and those who are working, take it easy if you can.

  Andybear 19:33 08 Apr 2004

Happy Easter everyone.

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