With all the spoof emails etc is eBay safe?

  Pooke100 09:57 25 Apr 2005

I have been buying on eBay for a while now, but now there's a few things around the house I'd like to sell.

Is eBay still safe? I don't like the idea of my credit card being held on a server, secure or otherwise. And daily I am getting spoof email pretending they're from eBay, so with all this attention is eBay safe?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:06 25 Apr 2005

I've used Ebay for years without any problem. The card numbers are held securely and even if they were nicked the card companies refund double quick. You hand over a CC at a restaurant or petrol station without a second thought.


  Aspman 11:08 25 Apr 2005

What is 'safe'?

Your credit card details are probably safer on Ebays servers than at your local resaurant where the staff could write down the details without your knowledge.

You say you get spoof Ebay emails, if you are spotting them as spoofs then they are not a problem.

Is Ebay safe? No. But if you are sensible and don't bid on any £10 plasma TVs then Ebay is probably safe enbough for you.

  georgemac © 11:46 25 Apr 2005

as long as you watch who you are dealing with you are OK

I sell some items, used computer parts, mobile phones etc and have only had a problem with 1 buyer, even ones with no feedback have been OK apart from this one.

There are more dodgy sellers now appearing on Ebay however. I recently purchased what was supposed to be software to unlock a motorola phone by iemi number only - no cables etc required. I emailed him first before buying and he assured me that it could do this.

The guy claimed that his computer crashed and he lost the software but he sent me links where to download it. The software supplied to me needs a cable to connect to the phone, and I don't think it would unlock it without first buying a credit from another website.

The email also stated quite bluntly "if you leave a negative feedback or neutral i will leave u exactly the same "

Now I think this must be against the rules so I compalined to Ebay - as usual they are not interested as long as they are getting their fees. They wanted me to complain to the individual's ISP!

Anyway, I left a neutral feedback warning others that the motorola software would not work without a cable, and got a neutral back - the first time I have never had a psoitive - saying I did not know how to use the software!

The guy selling said to me in his email he did not know how to use the software but it works!

I have since been contacted by other buyers saying this guy always sends the same email, sorry my computer has crashed etc!

Like I say, be careful who you dela with and what you but.

I got the phone unlocked in my local shop for £15.

  g0slp 12:34 25 Apr 2005

Always check feedback...

  Pooke100 12:57 25 Apr 2005

Well actually I have never used a Credit Card before. The one I have, I only applied for when a girl plagued me in Northcott (local shopping centre), I forgot I applied and weeks went by and it came in the mail.

I have bought several things that where bargains on eBay and they where top quality, saved loads on retail prices but have ALWAYS paid by postal orders.

The only reason I was sceptical over the emails, was that they said, ironically, that I was a power seller. Hmmm I thought, are eBay now psychics or mind readers?

  steven_frost 13:24 25 Apr 2005

You can download the ebay web bar tool which helps to stop all the false ebay sites not had to use it yet but i hear it does work, on a lighter note i have used ebay alot of bits and sold a few things and never had any problems if you sell some thing and the buyer wants to send the money via the post dont send it till the money has arrived with you it's much safer that way

  pj123 13:27 25 Apr 2005

If you are not sure about emails from ebay and paypal just forward them to [email protected]

They will tell you if it is genuine or not. (mostly not). I do not have an ebay or paypal account and get emails supposedly from them regularly. They all get forwarded and then deleted.

  Pooke100 23:23 25 Apr 2005

Think I'll sort through what I'm selling and then go ahead with it.

  Forum Editor 00:10 26 Apr 2005

doesn't really have any bearing on this does it? Ebay aren't responsible for the mails, and it's hardly their fault if people decide to attempt a fraud using their name.

  Pooke100 00:22 26 Apr 2005

Yeah, but it means they are getting lots of attention, negative at that. I used the reasoning that all this attention could lead to attacks and vulnerabilities. I wasn't sure so I asked.

I am inexperienced with credit cards and using them on the Internet specifically. eBay say that even if you wanna pay fees through your bank account, they'll still hold your card details. I am going ahead as soon as I get my bits and pieces sorted out that I'm selling.

Thanks to all and you F.E.

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