All in One Printers

  flook 20:48 23 Apr 2004

Can anyone recommend a good quality 'all in one' its to use with a laptop at home. Will not have heavy use but must have good quality output, I'd also like a fax but it's not essential, . I've always favoured HP in the past and never used the likes of Epson or Cannon any feedback on these units would be appreciated.

  XP Medic 20:57 23 Apr 2004

I have the HP7130 all in one on my XP Pro desktop machine. I personnally think it is great, the scanner and printer produce excellent results. The onboard card readers are handy as well.

Highly recommended. BTW, Staples were offering part exchange on this machine, £50 part ex!

  spuds 21:35 23 Apr 2004

I use an old HP 590 and a Lexmark X5150. Both good machines which produce superb results. The Lexmark was originally about £150 but of late the price as been reduced to about £69.99 [PCW].

Only problem with the Lexmark,smaller capacity cartridges compared to HP, so more expensive to run. Your best bet maybe the Epson range for better economy.

  flook 13:23 24 Apr 2004

Thanks for your replies, I think I'll be taking a look at the Epson range as it seems to be generally well received.

  joeltr 16:38 24 Apr 2004

i was given an epson CX3200 as a present,its brilliant, lots of features, at the time it was about £90, but the price has come down since then,you wont go far wrong with epson, regards joel.

  johnnie_mcdougall 14:23 25 Apr 2004

As I work for a large retailer, I would deffo not recommend the Epson All-In-Ones, they suffer from paper tray problems, in that they take more than one sheet of paper in at a time on occasion, they frequently have white bands across the prints (then you clean the heads, which can use upto 60% of the ink cartridge) and the print heads are on the cartridge holder, so if it blocks forget it. Go Hewlett Packard, a little more expensive ink gets you a long way, in terms of quality. Going for the 2200 series or above also gives you the added advantage of Photoret 4. Meaning you can replace the black cartridge with a special photo one, so two colour cartridges, 6 colour printer. £99.95 Hewlett Packard PSC 2210, or even the PSC 1305, however this suffers from a CIS scanner as opposed to the CCD scanner

  Rayuk 14:55 25 Apr 2004

I have an Epson5400 and havnt had the problems you are referring to.Am I just lucky.

Re your opening statement I would lookie here
click here

  cali 18:34 25 Apr 2004

Hi out there if any one is looking for a second hand Lexmark X74 for under £50 please get in contact on the forum page. any one in the Somerset area.

  johnnie_mcdougall 15:18 26 Apr 2004

Ok, to make things a little nicer, personally, I would not buy one, I am not saying not to buy one, I'm simply giving my personal opinion (we are allowed to have those right?) The track record that I have personally seen from these products lead me to say that, however, I have also seen some issues with other All in Ones, my point was simply, I wouldn't recommend one, Epson do have cheaper ink cartridges, and they give fantastic prints, to even the balance of the argument. However, as I say, a great deal of these machines have suffered from these errors, at a recent exhibition one of their new products just froze and would not restart (after 10 minutes in vain of saving the machine) It is only an opinion they get good right ups, good speed, good quality prints. However on HP's basis of history and personal usage, I would (myself) opt for HP. I have gave both sides of the argument now, surely thats fair?

  Whaty 15:45 26 Apr 2004

I bought one of these recently for £99 and I'm very happy with the results, even on the 'everyday' setting. It will also take the special 'photo' cartridge to improve photo printing.. No fax though.! I also set up a PSC1350 for a friend recently, a bit dearer but very small and again, the results are ok (I have heard of some paper jamming problems with the 1350 though, maybe johnnie_mcdougall could give some feedback on that one.?)

  Rayuk 17:26 26 Apr 2004

I realised you wernt saying what to and not to buy,link was for the asterisk element of your post.
And yes of course your opinion and personal usage of Epson products is welcome.

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