All-in-one printer?

  Krato 13:52 03 Sep 2006


Sorry if i've posted in the wrong forum, i didn't know which to post in so chose this one o.0.

I've been looking at all-in-one printers/scanners/copiers for my friend, and Epson seems ideal at the moment due to the cheaper cartridges. However I've heard the DX3800 printer is slow and uses lots of ink up. PC World have the dx4200 in store for £70 and they say it's been reduced from £130. Please could someone advise me on which is best to get, or if there are any other better All-in-ones out there, preferably Epson. Her computer only supports USB1 (i think) so would these work for her? Her price range is anything below 70 really, she isn't a pro and only uses it for ocasional printing and scanning.



  1minute 13:59 03 Sep 2006

Bought last weekend Epson DX4800 @ Staples @ £79.99. If you print in text mode it use's less ink. Cant fault it.

  Krato 14:04 03 Sep 2006

Hey thanks for that info, the original printer DX3800 which she was going to get was £58 so i'm not sure if she'll stretch to £80, but i'll still ask her. Thanks for the suggestion :)

  jakimo 16:41 03 Sep 2006

Most Epson printers are a bit slower than other brands,but don't let that put you off,the end product is usually very good and value for money

  961 19:13 03 Sep 2006

Consider HP 2575 at around £100

Great quality

Buy twin pack ink cartridges and it is cheap to run

  Krato 22:29 03 Sep 2006

Hi thanks for all of your replies :D

Jakimo thanks for the reassurance, I don't think that the speed will put her of it, because like I say I don't think she'll print a lot out, its mainly for coursework and text etc so that’s a thumbs up :) I'm more worried about the use of ink - I don't want her moaning at me that all of her ink has been used up in the first week lol

961 thanks for the suggestion I looked at the HP and although it looks a nice printer I don't think she'll want to part with £100, she'll most likely want to spend it on clothes or something :P lol She could get a set of colour and black cartridges for less than £20 for the DX3800 and that will save her money in the long run I’m not sure how much the HP cartridges are but I’ll have a look, I see them being dearer. She's not really looking for a high quality printer though - just a budget one :)

I just found out that the DX range of printers all use the same cartridges, so it's just deciding from the dx3800 3850 and 4200 possible the 4800. I can't really see what the difference is between the first 3 as I can get them all for the same price its just the 4800 that seams £10-20 dearer o.0 I don't really know where to start or end the search, I may just take a random pick and get the one that’s easier to find. If anyone has any experience with these, please reply! I'd be really grateful- as I can only find reviews of the dx3800 :(

Thanks for the replies they’ve helped me out :)


  amateurann 22:39 03 Sep 2006

Before you buy the printer check the capacity of ink in the cartridges. Epson often only have 5-7 mls of ink in their cartridges if they are separates. Also if the printer is only going to be used infrequently the print heads can clog up meaning you waste ink cleaning them. HP do good all in ones for under £50 (check your local Tesco for a 1410!) and the print heads are in the cartridges (which also usually have more ink than epsons). If the print heads do block and you can't clear them you junk the cartridge not the printer.

  Krato 14:17 04 Sep 2006

Hey thanks amateurann, I've found the hp 1410 for £40 and can get both black and colour cartridges for £18 Seems like a bargain! Thanks for the suggestion, I think this may be the one she'll get due to the price :P Just going to read a few reviews.

Again thanks so much for your help :)

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