Alienware notebook repair help

  BeakerDude 03:59 16 Feb 2008

I bought an Aurora m7700 notebook from Alienware in March 2006 and it has stopped working.

When I turn the notebook on the screen stays black or it fills with multiple colours and it never passes the power on self test(POST). I reseated the graphics card which worked at first, but the problem came back and re-seating the graphics card does nothing now. Before this problem occurred, a few weeks ago the automatic fan control stopped working and none of the fans came on whenever the laptop heated up, forcing me to use the manual override fn+f2 which left the fans on all the time. I have reset the CMOS which has had no effect. I have narrowed the problem down to either the graphics card/motherboard or both being faulty.

The 2 problems the notebook has is no automatic fan control and also now it wont POST.

After contacting Alienware they told me they no longer provide repair services for this notebook.

Have they any obligations to repair one of their products under 2 years old?

  Mike D 08:55 16 Feb 2008

What a nightowl you are!
I am sure there are others here who know more than me, but I think that your statutory rights will kick in here. Knowing the value of Alienware stuff, I would think that 23 months is a little short for the life of the product.

  wjrt 20:13 16 Feb 2008
  sunny staines 13:51 17 Feb 2008

i read a while ago they were bought out and things were not as good as before.

  Scorpion Bay 21:23 17 Feb 2008

they were indeed bought out, by Dell. I had a laptop from them, which I eventually rejected and got a new one, which I have also rejected for a refund. Ever since Dell took over, they have gone badly downhill in terms of customer service.

Anyway. BeakerDude, I can't believe they no longer repair a model. At the very least they should be able to walk you throught doing the repairs over the phone. It sounds very much like you have the same problem I had (twice) which is that your motherboard has gone.

Did you buy an extended warranty with the system?

  Scorpion Bay 21:27 17 Feb 2008

I should mention. The second laptop I had was exactly the same one as yours, BeakerDude. Apparently, the tech guys at Alienware US (which I think is Costa Rica) have never heard of a motherboard on one of their systems dying. And for what it's worth, you got yours about the same time I got mine, so there might be a problem with a batch of M/B's.

  BeakerDude 21:57 17 Feb 2008

Yeah I am thinking its most likely the motherboard, esp for the problem with the auto fan control. I am very experienced with PC's so I'm sure I could replace the motherboard myself if they would give me one.
I've tried Alienware again but they still wont help. They have recommended different repair places that they have found such as helpturk and Clevo service centre, which I have contacted but yet to hear back off. I would prefer if Alienware would assist with me though. I'm quite surprised they can't help me when its under 2 years old.

  Scorpion Bay 21:00 18 Feb 2008

If you got an extended warranty with it, then I can't see their argument for not repairing it for you.

I think (off the top of my head) that you can discover an inherent fault up to six years from the date of supply and receive compensation for it. It'd probably be limited to the cost of a repair though. You might find though, that Alienware argue that if you use it every day, one year is a reasonable amount of time to discover an inherent fault.

  BeakerDude 14:06 21 Feb 2008

I have spoken to them again, but they wont budge on their decision. Thankfully Clevo are now helping me to get it repaired so I do not need Alienware's help anymore.

  alien-nightmare 09:40 14 Aug 2008

hey beaker got probs with my m7700 as well could u let me know how it went with clevo did they fix it 4 u

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