Alienware 3 years warranty

  totalwar 13:55 10 Oct 2009

I know when I brought the Dell monitor direct from Alienware click here from Alienware it had 3 years warranty started so on there website at the time when I brought but I have no prove.Alienware are saying it was only two years and I have seen the same monitor still being sold by other retailers still has the three years warranty in fact I never heard of a two years warranty always 3 years or 1 year.I contacted Dell gave them the details S/N Alienware Order Number but they could not find it on there syslem.So what are my rights is there anything I can do about this.

Power Button on Monitor defective is stuck and have to turn off monitor at the mains.

  spuds 20:35 10 Oct 2009

If the power button is stuck, it might be due to pressing the button at the wrong angle,constant usage wear and tear, or a foreign body causing the sticking. If it is genuinely will not function correctly, then request a replacement under the warranty (if valid!). I have never had a stuck on/off button, but then I never use them, only the mains switch off for all the systems.

Warranties can and do vary. In the main it is usually a 3 year warranty, which can be a 'swap-out' or RTB. Some warranties can also be a 1 year cover (which the retailer would responsible for any way). Usually the lesser warranty is due to an agreement with the retailer and a possible extended warranty arrangement set up by the retailer. You do not mention how long you have had and used the unit!.

Perhaps as a future reference, any purchases of a similar nature, made in the future, retain all the information via printing out, then you cannot go wrong at a later date!.

  totalwar 01:25 11 Oct 2009

brought in 01/2007 and I had another dell monitor a lot older has same problem constant usage wear and tear only turning off once a day at night before going to bed.I did print out the finance agreement and had e-mail but loss e-mail due to pc hard drive broke loss all data.There was no e-mail warranty in that e-mail anyway.But you make a good point next time I will print out web page where it states the warranty infomation.When I first spoke to Alienware on the phone there was no info on the warranty on there syslem got this reply.

I got an answer for my request. Dell itself offers a warrenty of 3 years to there Customers for there monitors. Alienware itself gives only 2 years on it. Because we bought the monitors as a company under other conditions as private Dell customers. An addional problem is that we don't have the possibility to repair the monitor with our technitians, we neither have the parts for it nor the experience in repairing monitors. Dell itself will only replace it. But in case of out of warrenty it's the same like purchasing a new Monitor with the full Dell warrenty.

If you want to buy a new Monitor, we are now able to sell it directly from DELL. The alternative is to try a repair at a Tv/Monitor service

  totalwar 11:34 12 Oct 2009

Dell say that all there monitors come with 3 years warranty and are going to replace my monitor and should get it tommorrow will be a refurb very happy Dell was very helpful.I will no longer be using Alienware in the future.

  wee eddie 12:49 12 Oct 2009

They are one and the same company

  totalwar 13:11 12 Oct 2009

When I bought the Dell monitor alienware were not part of Dell group.But are now but Alienware act on there own now anyway.

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