wolfie3000 17:00 12 Oct 2006

Just wanted to mention a big thank you to Alienware for there speedy delivery of my new pc,
I was surprised how long it took for them to deliver it,
And it all works straight out the box.

But its gonna take a while to get used to the TFT screen.

  powerless 18:11 12 Oct 2006

What spec you got then?

  powerless 18:16 12 Oct 2006

"I was surprised how long it took for them to deliver it,"

Was that the build time or just a courier problem?

  patsyanne 18:17 12 Oct 2006

Enough to play the game he likes so much .

  wolfie3000 18:24 12 Oct 2006

Heres the pc i got with the specs.

click here

The reason im surprised at the delivery time is the fact it was so quick.


Yes Halo was the first game i installed on it and it plays amazingly :)

Just want to repeat a big thank you to Alienware for being so fast with the delivery.

  mammak 21:28 12 Oct 2006

Nice very nice you will be happy with this setup I am sure enjoy.

  jimv7 21:44 12 Oct 2006

So what are you going to do next week when its out of date, if its not already.......)))))

  GaT7 21:48 12 Oct 2006

The PC received some excellent reviews click here. Which TFT monitor may I ask? From the picture it appears a very good one. I'm sure once you get used to it you won't regret it - I didn't! G

  De Marcus™ 22:03 12 Oct 2006

Give us a piccy so we can all drool in amazement!

  bluto1 22:27 12 Oct 2006

What are you doing with your old rig? he asked hopefully

  wolfie3000 22:39 12 Oct 2006

My old rig will be donated to my niece for her school work,

The monitor is a 24" Dell widescreen
And takes a bit of getting used to,

As for going out of date lol probably need to replace it in a few months :)

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