Alienware 18 or MSI GT80 ?

  Omega Force 16:41 12 May 2015


I’m looking to buy a laptop with a huge screen.

The weight of the laptop is not a problem.

I also don’t care if the battery life is poor, since I’m not going to use this laptop unplugged very often.

I’m not going to play any video games on it.

But I’m going to play chess and backgammon on it, and use powerful chess and backgammon softwares.

I’m going to watch a lot of videos, series and movies on it.

And on Firefox I’m a massive tabs user: I always have a few hundred tabs open at the same time. So the laptop better be able to handle all of these tabs without making Firefox crash too often.

I have searched on Google, and the only two laptops with a screen of 18 inches that I found were the Alienware 18 and the MSI GT80.

I have found two laptops with a screen bigger than 18 inches, but they were really old: 6 years old and 8 years old respectively. Thus it seems that laptops with a screen bigger than 18 inches do not exist anymore.

So my question is: should I go for the MSI GT80 or for the Alienware 18?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

  IreneQ 13:46 15 May 2015

If the computer is just going to be stationary, you can consider an All in One (AIO). If you sometimes want to carry it outside, you can consider getting an 18" laptop. Comparing the two you mentioned -- the GT80 and the Alienware 18 -- the MSI specs beat Alienware handsdown. MSI's GPU is a GTX 980M versus Alienware's GTX 880M, also the SSD storage (512GB vs 256GB) is double on the MSI over the Alienware. Another thing to consider is that as of January, Alienware will no longer produce 18" laptops, meaning that the July, 2014 model will be your only option if you go Alienware. MSI will continue to produce 18" models and is the only computer company to do so. Rather than the laptop though, I suggest getting an AIO because you can get a 27" screen and it will cost you less. The soundsystem is Creative Sound Blaster, which gives you sound quality that will satisfy most moviegoers. Adding the AIO's Full HD to the mix and you've got a respectable home system that doesn't take up more room than a TV and can function as everything you need.

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