Uboat 14:22 08 Aug 2010

Hi everyone, well this could be of major interest too some of you all & will also help any of you been scammed or ripped off!

I was looking for a "quick fix" to having little money some months ago & I came across a website which is used as a HUB for china & suppliers, to be a customer ALL you had to do was register with them then "Presto" you’re a customer & can start buying, I looked at the price of the i7 chips/motherboards & they was hundreds and hundreds of pounds cheaper from the suppliers on their website!

It looked a no lose situation! I went nut’s looking at the price of the things they sold you can buy EVERYTHING from “diggers” to “Windows 7” I sat down with the wife & worked out how we could get enough money to have a bulk amount of i7 processors sent over here then sell them too make a large profit!
I slept on the idea and I had lots of things going thru my head about how much money could be made here it seemed like a goldmine we landed on....BUT....(Read on!!)

After doing my research I was well and truly disappointed, yes the site is free to join BUT the reviews & Horror stories that came with it was in my mind simply NOT worth the risk!
There is hundreds and hundreds of Chinese companies that are part of this hub but only a small number are legitimate companies that supply you with Genuine parts/products the rest are fake Even though the website is legitimate & some of the fake companies have the websites “Gold” certificate & that don’t mean they ARE legitimate

Some of the stories were a American woman who sent $11000 to a company for a batch load of mobile phone that was new at a huge reduced price & all of the ones she sold (Yes she received them all) was returned by the her customers because they ALL shutdown they was in fact all fake iPhones & she lost the lot! The company didn’t return calls/emails & then she found out they had ceased trading and that they was in fact a group of guys running the company from their home in china!

my personal experience is that I bought a little 20gig stick for a few pounds & when I received it I transferred some files that took what I would say in my opinion 5 times longer than normal & when I went to look at the file’s they was all corrupted and not complete..
I thought for future reference DO your Research first guys/gals!

(PS So sorry for the long text i had to explain all of this to make you understand)

Website as follows and feel free to look at the reviews on it..

click here

  canarieslover 15:25 08 Aug 2010

With a name like I would expect it to have a strong association with forty thieves and be very wary of doing business with them.

  Uboat 15:31 08 Aug 2010

lol true!

  spuds 16:22 08 Aug 2010

When an offer looks to good, it probably is, so its a case of buyers beware.

Drop-shipping as been going on for ages, and some people can run a fairly successful business from it, but there is always an element of risk involved.

When you did you calculations, did you allow for all the extras, like tax and administration costs, warranty claims etc?.

  Uboat 17:58 08 Aug 2010

spuds the issue wasnt the Extra cost's it was that a huge amount of the companies on this website are fake! the WILL send you the products you ordered BUT there not the genuine one's! they are fake

  ronalddonald 19:00 08 Aug 2010

Its odd i first saw it yesterday as I was trying to find something. Then today i saw an advert for them on the TV. I looked on their site the item i was looking for there said picture coming soon, so i didn't buy from them.

my motto is no picture no buy.

  Uboat 19:19 08 Aug 2010

Ronald my motto now is Research first! lol

  UKfox 21:28 08 Aug 2010

Anything like this I type "+ scam" into google after it. Try googleing alibaba + scam!

  wiz-king 05:27 09 Aug 2010

This site has been around for a long time and is an internet version of yellow pages - you pay your money and get a listing. It has no control over the companies that it lists.

  Uboat 16:26 09 Aug 2010

Here guys anyone that dont belive me please read on..

click here


click here

  Molly_Alibaba( 15:22 10 Aug 2010

Hi, this is Molly from's UK office. I saw this thread and wanted to address a few of the concerns. First of all, for background, is the world’s largest B2B e-commerce marketplace that connects buyers and suppliers around the world. We have more than 50 million registered users in 240 countries. Actually less than 0.05% of business exchanges that take place on our site experience some type of fraud, so the occurrences are quite low. However, we always strive to make them even lower, and we take the issue of fraud and scamming very seriously and want people to understand how to trade safely.

International buyers often source products from China and other markets to keep costs low and to find unique products for their customers. While foreign factories welcome buyers from around the world, as with any business transaction, due diligence must be practiced in order to avoid being scammed. Check that their business address matches their physical address, do a search for them online to check out past history, ask for a sample before placing a larger order, and paying full payment upfront isn't a wise choice when doing business in any location or forum. Always try to find a secure payment method, such as an escrow service, which protects your payment until your items are received without any problem.

Lastly, do your research to know the fair market value of the product(s) that you are searching for. If the price sounds too good to be true, it often is.

We want people to contact us as soon as they have an issue on our site so that we can help to take action against fraudulent suppliers: click here

We have experts on our Safe Trading Forums to help guide first-time buyers through the process of verifying suppliers and how to trade safely online. We're here to help make the experience of international, online trade a positive one for both buyer and supplier: click here

Need more information? I am happy to help - contact me at: [email protected].

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