Aldi's latest.....

  Stuartli 11:11 28 Jun 2003

Just come back from Aldi and Tesco - Aldi's special offer from next Thursday is a 3.3MP £99.99 digital camera.

Spec includes endless video mode at 15fps, automatic or white balance, 1.5in TFT screen, 16MB Secure Digital memory card, auto flash/fill-in/flash off modes, flash and battery status, red-eye reduction, AC mains adaptor, two rechargeable NiMH batteries and charger, video TV output, USB and TV cables and pouch.

The lens is (only) a focus-free 7.9mm with macro mode, but will probably produce better shots than what would probably be a not too good zoom on such a cheap camera.

Again there's (only) a 2x zoom but half of 3.3MP is equivalent to a 1.3MP digital camera in any case...:-)

Driver and MGI software is also supplied.

Sounds as though it could be a pretty good first digital camera for most people - certainly it looks very smart.

Here's the website's link to the camera;

click here

Also have a TV card on offer soon for £30 by medieon which sounds like good spec

  six-h 17:26 01 Jul 2003

just posted a request for any info from current users of same. Dont understand the implications of your comments but gather you are impressed, or are you a manager of an aldi store!!

  Stuartli 19:53 01 Jul 2003

I posted it for the information of forum members, which is a common practice in these forums.

There was no inference of being impressed or otherwise - merely an observation that the camera might be of interest to those looking for one.

I go to Aldi, Tesco, Safeway, Kwik-Save, Lidl etc for the simple purpose of buying what we need to eat or drink.....:-)

  rins36 00:13 02 Jul 2003


The camera could/would be ok for a 1st time user but the Secure Digital cards are expensive to buy if u want to upgrade compared to smart media cards

  Stuartli 09:00 02 Jul 2003

Smart Media at Scan is £20 for 128MB card, 128MB of MMC (compatible with SD) is £28; even better prices when on TodayOnly page.

SD is admittedly more expensive but, compared to the cost of a digital camera, is only a small proportion of the overall purchase price.

It's also small - about the size of a postage stamp - leading to very compact camera designs for those who want such a benefit.

I use both SD and MMC cards and don't notice the slight difference in speeds when using MMC.

Furthermore many new digital cameras, camcorders (for still purposes) and other products that use memory cards are equipped with the SD facility, rather than CF or SM, because it is more advanced.

  vaughan007 08:58 03 Jul 2003

I bought the last digital camera aldi had on offer. It was a traveller branded one with a 4 mp display (£200). I am very happy with it and so are two people I know who bought one too.

  jnevill 10:16 03 Jul 2003

I bought a cornish pasty from Aldi's once and that was very nice too, no idea how good their cameras are though!

  Gaz 25 17:59 03 Jul 2003

vaughan007 has mentioned last weeks deal and for £199 it was a great buy. I myself have a Dimage 7, but someone I know bought the 4.0 Mp from Aldi, and I am impressed for a cheap camera when aside to my £950 one.

  TBH1 22:35 03 Jul 2003

jnevill - what warranty you get with that cornish pasty mate - - - and was it compatable with W98SE ??

  sil_ver 23:06 03 Jul 2003

You don't get a warranty but if you eat it and are still alive next day it is considered suitable for the purpose by trading standards.

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