Aldis: Bluetooth head set £40.00

  computernerdiamnot 18:43 24 Mar 2004

we all know bluetooth headsets are expensive. i thought i found a bargin at dabs and bought one for £32 all in but you cant go wrong with aldis bluetooth headset, home charger, car charger, little pouch to carry in and thr ear clip and it looks stylish toooooooooooooooooooo

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:18 24 Mar 2004

How anything that looks like a melted electric toothbrush wrapped round one's ear, can be stylish, is a total mystery to me. ;-))


  IClaudio 22:05 24 Mar 2004

you really must get on board here - it's obviously imperative to be hooked into the communication network 24/7, and that includes the hour or so when you're in your car. Heaven forbid that you couldn't contact anyone in perfect digital sound while you're driving - you must be able to tell someone that you're coming home for dinner.

As for me, I can't wait to be out of range of a phone - I have a mobile, but it hasn't been switched on for three days now....

  computernerdiamnot 05:23 25 Mar 2004

Well times have moved on a bit i can see where your coming from but as they say we have to move with the times. i think it is better than having a ear piece that nearly strangles you when tryig to make or recieve a call while your on the move.

  Forum Editor 07:00 25 Mar 2004

but don't switch them on are the bane of my life. It's like having a letter box but not opening any mail.

I can understand some people not wanting to own a mobile phone - it's possible to lead a fulfilled life without being in constant contact - but to get one and let people know about it, and then to deliberately leave it switched off seems to me to be just plain rude - as if to say "I know that someone may be trying to contact me on the phone I bought specifically for mobile use, but I couldn't care less about them".

  Sir Radfordin 09:59 25 Mar 2004

That must depend on why they have a mobile and who has the number. If you have it only for outgoing calls and only use in the event of an 'emergency' (which is a word that seems to have been re-defined!) then why have it on all the time?

There is this view that we should always be able to get hold of someone. I for one am begining to 'hate' it. Post doesn't intrude on my life, my phone is starting to do so!

  IClaudio 00:16 26 Mar 2004

You really shouldn't get so aereated - especially so early in the morning!

I got my mobile for a very specific reason (all to do with film sets and getting calls from Hollywood moguls,...). At the moment, I work from home, which comes equipped with a perfectly good landline - my friends and business contacts all have the number.

And I don't 'deliberately leave it switched off' - my poor addled brain just forgets!

  accord 05:48 26 Mar 2004


Im with you on this one, its also frustrating when people leave switched on but in silent mode. Ok if your in a meeting or whatever but in normal use, i cant stand that.

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