Aldi/Medion scanner avail 27th Nov, any more info?

  six-h 22:02 25 Nov 2008

This scanner isn't detailed on the Medion shop site.
click here
Does anyone know where more info can be found, as I'm in the market for a new one (my old Medion one won't speak vista!) and I would like to know more??

  Stuartli 22:09 25 Nov 2008

There are some details available at the Aldi link - it seems reasonable value, but you can land some Canon Lide models for less than that at Amazon.

  six-h 22:15 25 Nov 2008

Yes, that's the link that I posted.
thing is it mentions "Greyscale 12 bit"
and "Text 1 bit"
I don't know much about either, but have never seen Greyscale noted as 12 bit before, it's usually 16 bit, as was with my old Medion scanner.
Just wanted to know if I was about to compare Apples with Oranges!

  MCE2K5 00:59 27 Nov 2008

Found the Manual click here

  six-h 01:56 27 Nov 2008

That's the one!
How did you find the manual??
Answers a few questions, but the proviso on page 22 concerning the Film Adapter that recommends it's use for "on screen display purposes, or where high resolution is not necessary" doesn't exactly inspire confidence!

I was all set to buy it today, but might give it a miss as I really need it to sit in a "portrait" orientation on a low shelf on the right side of my desk which would make it a bit messy to use!

  six-h 02:19 27 Nov 2008

Having said that, and taken Stuartli's advice and looked on Amazon, I can only find 2 units there that are marginally cheaper, but the specs can't match those of the

  MCE2K5 03:09 27 Nov 2008

It took 2 nights of searching with Google, Found a Picture in Images (German EBay Website) then a bit of detective work and Bingo, Found it.

If you understand German,

1. click here

2. click here

3. click here

Looks OK to me.
I had a look at this (******mas Pressie to myself) But need more Disk Drive space, So Hard Drive it is.

  MCE2K5 03:11 27 Nov 2008

Also answered on vnunet as well ;-)

  €dstowe 07:34 27 Nov 2008

Not wishing to put a dampener on this but, How many people have scanners? How many people use scanners on a regular basis? How many people have scanners sitting under the desk/in a cupboard or otherwise hidden away gathering dust?

Scanners used to be "must have" accessories but so many turn out to be white elephants. Think carefully:

Do I need a scanner?

Will the cost justify the use I will make of it?

If a positive "yes" then by all means buy but I expect there will be a lot of less than positive answers.

  Stuartli 11:02 27 Nov 2008

>>but the specs can't match those of the>>

Specifications are not the be all and end all - quality is equally if not more important.

I have a six or seven year old 2MP Minolta digital camera with 3x zoom and its image quality is quite stunning, certainly as good as more recent cameras with much higher MP figures.

Well detailed 10x8in prints are a doddle...:-)

  Stuartli 11:03 27 Nov 2008

As I keep pointing out in these forums, Medion is not a manufacturer, but a distributor based in Germany.

It re-badges products under its own name from specialist and OEM manufacturers and distributes them via its retail partners such as Aldi in the UK, Europe and the States.

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