Aldi Mini Notebook

  Bingalau 14:14 10 Jul 2009

Aldi are selling a Medion Akoya E1312 11.6" Mini Notebook as from this coming Sunday 12/07/09.

I am thinking of buying one and wondered if anyone on here would like to comment on its performance etc.? Am I on to a good thing? I have never owned a laptop or notebook or whatever they are called but assume they are one and the same. I have only ever owned a desktop PC. Mainly I am wondering if it will suit me whilst caravaning travelling and camping etc.

The price is £399.99 and the specification can be found on the Aldi site of course. Thanks in advance fro any help and advice...

  user8 14:45 10 Jul 2009

If your after a mini notebook then yes it looks a good deal if a bit expensive.
For £399 you could buy a decent full size laptop from Staples or PCWorld.
Depends really what your going to use it for?

  dagnammit 14:48 10 Jul 2009

click here

The design looks quite like one I mused over in Currys, I think it was an Advent. I didn't like the flat keys.

  birdface 19:16 10 Jul 2009

I was surprised to see it for sale in Aldis in Kettering yesterday they usually stick to the day it is advertised.if it has a touch pad on it and you have never used one.Maybe take another external mouse with you as you may find it easier.

  dagbladet 11:01 13 Jul 2009

I thought at £399 it was a bit pricey. However, after checking the website it is actually priced at £339 which is reasonable. It looks to be a good little machine. The suggestion that for the price (albeit a misprice) you could get a decent full-size laptop, perhaps misses the point totally. I also see it is pre-loaded with XP, which to my mind is a plus over similarly priced netbooks which come with Linux. Microsoft frowners may disagree.

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